A vibrant Bayelsa Youth has called it's leaders to embrace Unity in the state, no matter the political affiliations.
He asks them to consult themselves without exposing themselves and criticism on social media while other tribes are planning for the future of their generations

He said, "It's time we work towards development despite party affiliations.
We should all appreciate whatsoever offices is being given to us both in the Federal Level and State. 

There's no need in insulting one another especially on Social Media, because we are exposing ourselves to the entire world while other tribes are preparing ahead of the unseen battles. But ours is to castigate one another when our own wealth can't be controlled by us."

He also told them to shum selfishness and face reality without deceitfulness.

"It's time we sit up and face reality rather  than deceiving ourselves all in the name of politics and selfish wealth that will not follow us to the grave when death will finally knock at our door steps."

He used the medium to "appeal to His Exellency GEJ, HSD, Hon. Sylva, Hon. Timi Alaibe, Hon. Heineken Lokpobiri, Hon Lyon, Hon. National Assembly Members, Hon. Members of Assembly, Local Govt Chairmen, Councilors and our amiable Miracle Governor/Deputy (SDD/SLE) in order for them to build a better Bayelsa despite party affiliations because the future of our children, youths and aged should always be considered because our dear country is pregnant."

He also stated that gaining unnecessary wealth without proper infrastructural amenities can not solve the communities problems except they forget put me down syndrome and face reality to achieve greater things for the residents of the state.
Parts of the statement read: "There's no gain by achieving the worldly pleasures, wealth, fashions and selfish riches when as a state we can't boast of anything in terms of infrastructures, industries and companies.

Let us all put our heads together and forget Pull Me Down syndrome, Hatred and team up with Governor (SDD) for a better Bayelsa, rather than always fighting one another in the name of power tussle because the Yorubas, Igbos and Hausa are always working towards united family despite party affiliations but ours is always different. 

If we can realize the blessings from God then it's time we sit up and unite for a better tomorrow if truly we are the Izon Ebe Nation." 

He also "appeal to our Dear Governor (SDD) in respect of Political Appointment that he should consider all parties because we are one Bayelsa not Gladiators."

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