A bridge has breakdown in north central, Kwara state Nigeria today. The old bridge could not withstand the heavy rainfall that the area witnessed recently.
According to the people living in the area and motorists who passes the road frequently, they regretted that the bridge was a ticking time bomb prior to it's breakdown.
The occurrences has taken four lives, as deliverer rushed to take the harmed ones to the very close hospital.
Such occurrence could have been stoped if government had paid serious attention to important infrastructures in the state. So many important public structures is currently needs total upgrade or replacement.
Water does not have enemy, but when the source of your house is weak, water will definitely not be your friend. This is the rainy season, it poses a great danger to serious infrastructures.
Government should not only face remolding fresh structures, serious carefulness needs to be given to existing devastated structures. If these structures are not properly managed, it will continue to waste lives, and render properties useless

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