A Governor who understands African Politics cannot be relegated to a single term. Being in office just for 12 months is sufficient time to consolidate power and dismantle every threat to your stronghold. It is only a weak Governor with an abysmal performance that will allow his incumbency to be demystified. With good and credible performance incumbency is just to plus. Some of our politicians need to read “ The Prince” by Nicollo Machiavelli and his thoughts on power.  He said and I quote” 

"I (Machiavelli) conclude that since men love as they themselves determine but fear as their ruler determines, a wise prince must rely upon what he and not others control." Destroy old principals, appoint new officials, establish a respected leadership. . . 

Same analysis follows even in the Presidency, (except in well grounded democracies ), a President that will allow any institution of state to grow stronger that himself, or allow the military institutions grow so strong that his government can be toppled is a weak President. 

Machiavelli further opines, “ Let a prince have the credit of conquering and holding his state, the means will always be considered honest, and he will be praised by everybody”

Often attributed to Machiavelli, “ the ends justify the means” . 

In summary, An executive Governor who fails to exercise Executive Powers and use it to destroy every competing principality during his first year in power, such a Governor only have himself to blame if he is destroyed while in power.

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