Since the announcement of the first Covid 19 case was made Lagos State as been the all time highest scorer with winning point everyday, no draw, lose, even with a long distance with the second on the table with Taraba, Benue and Kogi at relegation line.

Covid 19 cases in Nigeria, a stage drama or a reality? Since lockdown as been pronounce on Nigerians the cases of covid 19 keep increasing day by day which as at today Total of 13464 Confirm cases, 4206 Discharged and 365 deaths, Hmmmmm! And no family or relative of victims made known, abbbbah! Are we ghost. 

Enough of a deceptive actions, let Covid 19 tournament be over and start economy boosting tournament, if we want to remain as the Giant of Africa, we called Ourselves.

How we would be able to overcome covid 19 pandemic if it is real, when the Minister of Health studied Accounting.

How will our precious medical practitioners be able to differentiate between Common Malaria and Covid 19.

Lets put an end to this drama and venture into a profitable activities, may be those state in relegation line can be in the top 4 in other to qualify for Economy challenge cup.

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