Someone who is very much versatile with Kwara Politics will know that APC is loosing their political momentum in the state, and this is due to lack of unity and interest diversification. 

However, history will never forget the fact that they unanimously took power from PDP in the year 2011, when Bukola Saraki singlehandedly installed his god son, Abdulfatai Ahmed as the state governor, just after his own regime, their victory is not far fetched due to their single motive, but then Bukola Saraki was amidst the political giants who liberated APC from the autocratic rule of PDP, just that he made a mistake of decamping back to PDP in the year 2018, his action made him loose relevancy in the state politics and hunted his poltical ambition. Meanwhile, with the political situation in the state, most especially among APC members, then one can say that, 'The Second Coming Of Bukola Saraki Will Make PDP To Take Over Kwara Government In 2023', because the party is presently staking their integrity, by making their unity questionable, which happens to be a very good opportunity for Bukola Saraki to take back the state government, then joined with the fact that, PDP on the other hand are presently united and very much ready to take back the power they lost to APC.

About Bukola Saraki.

Bukola Saraki came into limelight of Kwara Politics due to the influence of his father, his father is a well known politician in federal politics and state politics, in fact for any young politician to be successful in his or her political career in the state, such needs to be loyal and be in his camp, or else, such shall be shown the way out of politics or made irrelevant in the state politics, this is to tell you how capacitated his father is in the state politics. 

However, Bukola Saraki used the influence of his father, as he contested for the state governor in the year 2003, then by virtue of capacity he won the election, he served for good four years, and he was also reelected again to serve for another four years, which made him to be the first governor in the history of Kwara state to serve using two consecutive terms, then as if that was not enough, Bukola Saraki still ensured that his own god son emerged as the state governor after his tenure, in which his plan worked for him and he was victorious just has planned, then in that same year he proceeded to the national assembly to represent the people of Kwara central as a senator, he was also reelected, which made him contested and served as the eighth senate president of the federation, his mistake in 2018 made him lost relevancy in politics till today by decamping to the opposition party which is PDP, but then, it is very much obvious to all that, he will be coming back in 2023 to take over the government.

About APC in Kwara State.

APC in Kwara state as at today is no more the usual APC from inception, then within APC as a party, 'there exists other parties within it', this is as a result of drag in momentum of capacity, which in return had caused lack of unity and political disagreement. 

The incumbent governor of the state, which happened to be Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has his believers in the state politics, though he has the masses on his side, as he was able to achieve tangibly within his one year of service as a governor, but then, he doesn't have the support of stakeholders in the state, and you will agree with me that, they are also important elements in the state, as they cannot be easily jettisoned and too powerful to be discarded, and not only that, part of what caused the party division also remains the fact that APC Chairman in the state has his Cabals too, and Lai Mohammed, who is presently the minister of information of the federation also has his Cabals, this alone splitted the Party members into fractions, as  grassroots has clinched themselves to their respective stakes which they believe in, this alone caused division of interest, as it has made the collective force of the party a very weak element.

Finally, With due regards to the present situation of APC in Kwara state, and the Political structure of Bukola Saraki just as being expressed earlier, it is quite obvious that, APC had exposed itself to political attacks from opposition party which is PDP, and Bukola Saraki as a diplomatic politician will never cease to utilize this beautiful opportunity, the unanimous political gospel used against Bukola Saraki in 2019 election is not enough to kill his political morals or send him out of politics, he is still an ambitious man who knows the right stunt to pull at the right time, this was part of the reason why he was nicknamed as the, 'Ronaldo Of Politics', his impact in the state can never be forgotten, joined with the fact that he maneuvered his way to federal politics, in which he still bought relevancy for himself. However, he is presently a member of PDP, which happens to be an opposition party, and with the stand of APC as at today, one can say that, The Second Coming Of Bukola Saraki Will Make PDP To Take Over Kwara Government In 2023, as he would be unstoppable because he is a man who knows how to easily commit people into action and also knows how to manage people of diversified interest. 

APC had already made his coming easy with their way of implementing their theoretical politics, which is nothing in comparison to the practical politics of Bukola Saraki.

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