The people living in Moduri community in Magumeri Local Government Area of Borno State in northeast Nigeria on Sunday reported that, three people were killed while trying to beg the terrorists not to take away their means of survival.

Source disclosed that, the terrorists evaded their area at about 7:00 pm, asking the residents that they did not come waste anybody but to steal their property, food stuff and cattle.

Kachallah Moduri in Maiduguri said in a statement, “But some of the people who went to plead with the terrorists were killed in the process of asking them not to cart away all the cattle ss that is their only source of livelihoods.” 

Kachallah added that, the community had been experiencing this kind of attacked in the past and that the terrorist had been coming to unlawfully stole their property.

 Moduri said further, “They might return and because of this killing, they may attack the villagers again because the information has now gone round and the security authorities have been informed of the activities of these bad elements in the area."

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