My Regrets And How The Baby I Stole 19-Years Ago Has Become My Greatest Woe On Earth

We met at a funeral service where I was in charge of protocols. For whatever reason I offered him special services. Before he left, he sent for my cellphone numbers.

A week later, he called to check on me.Friendship began from there.Later the friendship took a Love dimension.He told me so many things about himself, including why he divorced his wife…..CHILDLESSNESS.

It was at a later time that he proposed to me. I had also married before, the guy divorced me with flimsy excuses.We married for five years but had no child….. CHILDLESSNESS.

It kept ringing in my mind.This man is a good man, I should not loose him once he married me.I had to hatch a plan even before he performed the marriage rites.

As promised, he came to perform all rites beautifully. Everyone was happy for me. Thanks to a Midwife who came to the program because he was in the town to “Weigh” Babies.

I saw it as an opportunity. I created time to meet her and we exchanged cellphone numbers.

I moved to join my husband. Life was good. I grew Love for him. But I never lost focus of the Marriage condition… CHILDLESSNESS.

Barely two months later I sought permission to go to visit home.No, l went to meet the Midwife. I met her and we negotiated rightly. She then advised me to begin to fake Pregnancy. I went through successfully and she managed to give me a BABY BOY. Marriage secured.

When the boy was seventeen, he had his first court case. It was a theft case. Daddy did all that he could to get him out of Punishment. He raped our Pastor’s daughter in the Mission House. He beat a Friend’s Housemaid. All these were solved on the quiet.

As though that was not enough, he is now on Hard Drugs. Simple sight of this son of ours scares me. My husband was even disturbed than me.

Thoughts about the behavior of this son of ours gave him Blood Pressure. Soon he had Cardiac Arrest and he passed on.

Now I am left with this son of ours alone in the Apartment his father left for us. He brings friends of his caliber to the home. They stay on to cook, eat, and do drugs. On two occasions, this son has threatened me with a kitchen knife for the money.

I don’t want this son anymore but the Midwife is dead. I cannot tell anyone about this. I am scared to my roots.

What shall l do?.

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