Some people in Nigeria believe they are better than others. Some believe that their circumstances give them the right to treat another Nigerian less than human. These same people also complain about how bad Nigeria is (And me, I’m thinking, really?)

We need to start respecting each other, old, young, whatever religion, tribe or status they may be coming from. Whatever their educational background. Most of us are guilty of disrespecting people because of status. If we start
respecting and appreciating the work of others, we will be moving to the first stage of being a developed world.

Developed world is not just about advanced technology, good road or 24hr electricity. In developed countries, everyone is treated with respect irrespective of your job or status. If we Nigerians want to move forward, we should start by respecting each other. At least, we don’t need the government to do that one.

Your mechanic is important!
The hawker on the road is important!
Your help in the house is important!
Your spouse is important!
Your child is important!
That disabled person is important!

Speaking of putting yourself in other people’s shoes, you don’t need to go that far sef. If a person is human being like you, they deserve respect!

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