There was a great territory in western part of Africa named THE GIANT.

The Giant gain her liberty from one of the Anglosaxon Territory. The Giant has a land mass of 923,768km² and population of 195.9million with 36 provinces.

Many heroes and heroine as passed through the great territory "The Giant" in which their impact cannot be overlook.

In early 1990's The Giant planned to curb been ruled by Warriors because over 2 decades Warriors as been the one ruling, so two main group were inaugurated to fight for the leadership position, but it became abortive due to the negligence and inappropriate conduction, another warrior assume power though some believe he does more harm than good, due to the raking of the territory wealth to himself.

As time goes he diedbof poison and some flexible men assume power that later gives room for aspired leaders to rule in warrior stead.
In 1999, A prominent prisoner was voted as the new leader of The Giant Territory and according to the rules and regulations in this territory you can only serve for 4years in office of power except you are been voted again as second term to make it 8years.

During the tens of this prominent prisoner telecommunication emerge which as been one of the great achievement in his tenure.
However, in 2007 he handed over to the most simple and humanist leader under the same umbrella.
During this tenure economy of The Giant Territory was great but the inevitable claim the life of this humanist leader on the 5th of May 2010, which make his second in command to finish the tenure.

As human we all love to be in power this led the this second in command the Man of policy fight for the leadership after tasting the sweetness of power.

During this time almost 90 groups showcase their interest in the leadership position, but there is always a market leader and niggers such as it is in telecommunication business.

So there are two groups people were dying for which are "PREDESTINED DEVELOPMENT PARTY  and ACTIVE PROCREATIVE CONGRESS."

Predestinated Development Party as been the group in leadership power since 1999 so this gives the man of policy to came into power of leadership, so during his tenure some set of people from Active  Procreative Congress try to fight against his administration through the introduction of underground terrorism which make the people of The Giant Territory to see him as incapable leader but he never stop after the tenure he contested again but the Terrorism alligation the people prefer to voted The Green snake under the green grass from Active Procreative Congress, with the believe that terrorism will be over in 2015.
So far so good, Mr Green snake under green grass start his administrative work and try to gain ground by creating a firm for some set of Youth in which they were entitled 30,000 monthly.

His tenure end at a blink of eye.  In 2019, he was voted into office which his action as make many people of The Giant Territory to start lamenting for supporting him with their votes.

Therefore, Mr Green snake under the green grass tenure will be over in 2023 and remember there are over 90 groups in the Territory but the two stronger groups as failed his people and the voting agency is trying to introduce online voting. 

My Question is will one of these two stronger group emerge in 2023 or another strong group will arose ? 
     SEE YOU IN 2023

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