Let me tell you about my love story.
I'm sure everyone would be eager to know the man I'm in love with....
YES! EMMANUEL His is name.
Who else understand the joy of being in love with a super hero? Wow mine is not just a super hero, He is the creator of all earth. The man all earth adores
Even though I was born and brought up by people that loves I never for once believe in the word Love.
To me love doesn't exist in my world!
But unfortunately someone amazing stole my heart and replaced it with a heart that beat for love...
The man who choose my happiness His priority.
The man who make it effortless to answer the prayers of His own.
The man who cares  beyond my thought.
The man who bears in my pains.
The man who is beaten and nailed for my sake.
The man who speaks to my life and brought change.
The man of authority.
The man who loves me beyond mouth could tell. 
He bears in my pains, felt in my pains and felt for my agony.

I am in love with someone invisible beyond the sky.
He lives and dwells in heavenly places.
He sit among kings.
He isn't a mere man, He is a priest, a prophet, an apostle and rule over all the earth. I have chosen Him to take over the wheel of my life.
He make a change the very moment I knew Him. Even though I have never for once met Him all through my life, we speak and He heard me in the realm of the spirit. The only man I can proudly say He loves me more than anyone could.

Ooh thanks for loving me, even in my nearest doubts,  deepest fears and tempted moment.

True love like this is very rear, but I am proud I found mine in the middle phase of life. 
Thanks for choosing me over million of people on earth. I wish everyone could know what this love truly means. You never can't tell if you never make encounter with the man that found me.

Even in my weakness He picked me up and strengthen me with the word of faith.
What about my flaws? No where to be found!
Wow... I wish I knew you, met you, found you and have you in my life earlier before now, this world would have been more than a situated place for us to live in.

Thanks for your unfailing promises, unquestionable love and affection, unquenchable flaming of fire you  adorn me with.
Everyone is anticipating to get to know you soon, and I am sure you will be ready to take along only those that will be ready for the Bride ceremony.

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