This post might be the answer to your prayers if you read it to the end; most especially if you are in any business.

Why men didn’t patronize my product or service is a question many business owners usually ask when their business is not delivering the require result in the market place. Some spends money on advertising and referrals, yet it didn’t work out. Some even put their products and services in all social media for the world to see, yet nobody really care about them. 

There are many factors to consider if you desire to get noticed in your business and have more sales. But for today, I will quickly tell you few of those factors so as to help you to know where to shift your attention to.

LOVE FACTOR: One of the most important reason people buy is because of love. If I love you genuinely, buying or patronizing you will be my joy. 

Someone said to me last week when I told him about my book, he said: “You are doing a good job Wole and I love you for that. Even though I don’t need your book, I will buy it because I like you.” Guess what happened? The rest they said was a history. So if you are a kind of the person who abuse, look down on people or talk anyhow to men, your business will surely suffer it. 

To make people loves you involve the way you operate with people around you either offline and online. 

To convince people will be so easy for you if they love you. When to say congratulations, happy birthday, texting messages or responding to messages are problems, they won’t love you. People love those who embrace them, and they will be happy to patronize them in return. True love is communal. When you give it, you will receive it.

WORD FACTOR: This is where active reasoning comes in. Sometimes people don’t even know that they need your product or service because you didn’t use the right word to showcase your business. You didn’t tell your audience why they need you. 

Selling is more than: “I am selling garri, come and buy from me.” It involves telling them what your garri will do for them when they buy it from you. When you tell them that your garri can be converted into eba that will look like pounded yam or semo, they will wait and have a rethink. 

Few weeks ago in my copywriting class, I told the students the main reason Eve fell into the trap of Lucifer in the Garden of Eden. You see, Satan didn’t argued with Eve when she was defending herself. Satan only introduced something new to the woman's knowledge to have a re-think. He said: “When you eat this fruit, your eyes will open and you will also be like God.” That is enough to convince the innocent lady. After hearing that word from Santa, she looked at the fruit again and found it so beautiful and attractive because another word came to her. Then she ate. 

If you use the right words, someone who doesn’t need your service can say hello and use it.

APPEARANCE/PHYSICAL FACTOR: Like I do say: “If you dress like a CEO, you will attract CEOs.” The way you dressed will continue to determine the way you address. 

We have lots of people in business who dress anyhow to everywhere. Successful business men don’t do that. You need to dress like your future. 

If you are seeing your future looks like that of Dangote, dress like Dangote when you are in a public function. Have a business card and give it out to people for them to contact you. It is your clothe, don’t wear those clothes to wedding or Sunday services alone, iron them and wear them to meetings too. 

What about your appearances on social media? If you look odd on social media, no serious person will knock on your door. As it works online, so it works offline.

Oh I love those women that sell tomatoes in the markets! They will decorate the first and second row of their pepper with fine tomatoes in other to attract their potential buyers. These neatly and beautiful tomatoes decorated outside will force people to look at the them to the extent that you might not even know that at the back are rotten and bad tomatoes. But you will take a look first. 

That is what good physical appearance does. Your appearance will call the attention of the people. What happen later now depend on your persuading power and your competence. 

If you look great outside, it will draw men to you. Your appearance is an advantage, so take a good look at your activities and make sure that you make the necessary adjustments.

I will need to stop here for today as you evaluate the approach you have been using towards your business. If you are blessed by this post, let me hear from you.

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