Ahmad Lawan, the President of the Red Chamber has ascribed the lack of ability of the Nigerian military and other security personnel to curtail the unsettling nation’s insecurity to international politics.

The Senator disclosed that, international politics was crawling the efforts intention at procure sophisticated equipment needed by the security agencies to do their jobs.

Senate president revealed this on Sunday in an interview with journalists before the first year anniversary of the Ninth Senate, which comes up on Thursday.

Ahmed Lawan described that measures to acquire machines for the Nigerian armed forces were usually rendered non and foiled by international politics with the requests taking longer than expected.

He said the country’s security system was currently increased, he said further that more materials are needed to combat insecurity.
The statement read in part: “To some extent, we are suffering from international politics. I know that in our efforts to try to buy spare parts for jets, they may write to a certain foreign government and it will take six to nine months while another country will write to the same government and maybe get it in one or two months.

“So, something is not right, but that’s to say that it’s now one of our challenges that we will continue to engage with countries that we feel don’t understand what we are doing here.

“Also, we need more resources for security. By resources, I don’t mean just money, we need more personnel for the armed forces.

“We need more personnel for the police, Nigerian immigration Service, and almost all the agencies and paramilitary as well.

“We also need resources in terms of equipment, machinery, and then training.
“What we experience today is we don’t have sufficient personnel, the resources available to security office are inadequate.

“Government is doing a lot to get more resources in terms of equipment and machinery.”

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