This was the question I heard some years back from a friend before my service year. We were talking about gifts, talents and how one can get the best out from his God given gift to become exceptional from others.

This folk just shook my brain with the question saying: Don't we have many youths who are gifted artists around the globe? Singers that are better than Olamide, Beyonce, Nathaniel Bassey, Frank Edward are in one local place struggling to make it yet they have no one to listen to them. "They have a gift and so what?"

"You see, if gift and talent is enough, those guys in the village would have hammered by now." This was his statement to back up the above question.

Why am I telling you this?

We have lots of people who strongly believe in their gifts and talents. They thought that is enough for them to function well in life. But as it was said by John C. Maxwell in his book, "Talent is never Enough." Talent is not all to become best at what you do.

Having talent is good. Gift is great when you have it because it is to your advantage and it can create a path for you. However, focusing on your gift and talent alone will not equal to success. 

Your talent is not enough to take you far, instead it will die. But there are some other factors that are needed to make your gift to speak.

See, gift without competence will be a disaster. Talent without character will not be useful to you because your character will push people away from you. Talent that is not delivered excellently will remain in the midst of mediocrity. 

The fact that you can sing at any key conveniently doesn't mean that you should not surrender yourself to be trained under an expert. Even if you know how to cook so well, without proper training by the expert, it will not take you far.

Queen Esther was naturally endowed with beauty yet she didn't appear before the king without submitting herself to be trained under someone who knows the king so well. And when it was her turn, her beauty and performance wowed everybody that saw her.

In life, you don't succeed on your natural ability alone. You need higher Grace to touch what you have. You need mentoring and exposure to know the reality of life and business before calling the attention of the people to know what you do.

Don't be carried away by your gift. Turn it into skills and make it available before all men. When you do with the help of others and God, the world will embrace you.

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