Many prominent people have once be a wretched people whom no one values and its good to talk about them. 

Hence, I will like to choose a Pastor, Minstrel, Saxophonist,  televangelist and Director of Music at The REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD.

Who will be celebrating his 56th Birthday and 32years on stage this month, in person of Pastor Kunle Ajayi, The Saxophonist of Daddy G.O.
He was born on 16th of June 1964 in Mushin, a local government area of Lagos State, the administrative division of Nigeria, located in the southwestern part of the country. 

He attended Mushin local council primary school Idioro for his primary education before he proceeded to Eko Boys High School where he obtained the West Africa School Certificate.  

After leaving high school he went to Ijanikin where he studied music. Formed a band called 'The Ambassador' with his group of friends and produced his very first album.

He later married his wife at The Apostolic Church Idioro, Mushin. He was ordained as an assistant pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in 1991 and later became a full pastor in 1997 having completed a one-year program at Faith Bible College. 

He later studied music at Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, ijanikin. He later proceeded to the Royal College of Music in London where he obtained a certificate in music.
Here are some his experience of life before joining RCCG.  
" I lived in Alamoko  in Idiro where you find all sort of hoodlum but one way or the other I came out from that place and here I am today being what God wants me to be. 

Then with some friends all we knew was to go to the cinema and fight to cause trouble even when there is no trouble we just create trouble.

We had our elder that will sit, watch us and tell us to hit a lady passing by and when we do that the lady will be surprised and begin to question why we hit her, before you know it other guys in the neighbourhood will come out to add to the heat.
During our time whenever an album is about to be released, the record stores will get samples to play and people will gather to listen and we will go there to disrupt things. I also joined to pick copper wire and aluminum on the streets to make money and survive. I also helped my mum to sell her wares to survive as well. After she passed on I went to stay with my brother and it was not very long too. 

There was a time I opted out to go and learn how to box I went to join light Garasim and one day on the ring and got jabbed by him, I went down and fainted because I was taken unawares.
When I got up I ran home and never returned to boxing. 

As I said earlier in some interviews I had lung problem and could not do anything strenuous so I told God that if he can heal me that I will blow the instrument for him because I was always going to watch the late Fela blow the instrument in Calcutta house which was not far from where I lived then and I loved the way he does the blowing and you could see his ribs. 

Eventually God healed me so I had to fulfill my promise. The first ministration was with the recorder Daddy G.O gave me. Then only few people could buy saxophone and it was not easy to find one to buy unlike now.

It has not been easy but I thank God for the interest, strength and help he has sent through Daddy Adeboye and Mummy Folu who have been of great joy to me".

How he met Daddy G.O.
It is over decade I meet Daddy G.O. I met him as a boy in the church at Ebute Meta and he usually gather the children and have some lecturers from the University of Lagos (UNILAG) coming around to teach us Mathematics, Physics, Biology and other science related subjects during the weekends and holidays. 

Then on a fateful day he called me and gave me a recorder and encouraged me like I said earlier. 

On the contrary a woman in the church had warned me seriously against playing the instrument because she said I had familiar spirit.

I actually thought she wanted to give me gift when she asked me to come to her place not knowing it was a warning she had for me. 

She told me that ‘if I ever see you play the guitar or any instrument in the church I will lash you and ask my dog to bite you’.
This made me sad and confused because the woman warned me and here was Daddy Adeboye encouraging me to play the musical instrument. 

As at that time in the church we were also not allowed to play the guitar nor other instruments.

There was also resistance on clapping then as we were seen as vagabonds but it was Daddy Adeboye that encouraged us and asked that we back him up anytime he was ministering. We became freer when he became the General Overseer.

This is the list of Kunle Ajayi’s Songs in alphabetical order;
2. African Praise
3. African Praise Medley
4. African Praise Medley – Yawdah..A New Song
5. All Hail The Power
6. All Heavens Declare
7. Amazing Grace
8. Ancient Of Days
9. As The Deer Panteth Medley
10. As the Deer Panteth Medley – Dew of Hermon
11. As The Deer Pateth / Let Your Living Water Fl
12. Be Magnified
13. Blessed ***urance
14. Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord / Magnify The
15. Ebami Yin Jesu
16. Father in Heaven
17. Father We Declare
18. God Sent His Son
19. Heaven Came Down
20. Hymn medley
21. I worship you
22. Igbo medley
23. Jehovah There’s no One like You
24. Jehovah, there is no one like You – In the Be
25. Jehovah, there’s no one like You
26. Kunle Ajayi Similar artists
27. Lord I Lift Your Name On High
28. Lord I Lift your name on high – Reggae versio
29. Lord I Lift Your Name On High (Reggae Version
30. Lord I Lift your name on high medley – In His
31. medley
32. O Se O Baba
33. Old Rugged Cross
34. Ose Jesu / Awayin O
35. Ose O Jesu
36. Ose o Jesu – Dew of Hermon
37. Oyigi-Yigi
38. Praise Medley
39. Praise Medley – Latin Africa
40. Praise The Lord now/Jehova
41. Praise the Lord now/Jehovah – Cloud of Glory
42. Saviour Hear My Cry
43. Swahili
44. Swahili Praise
45. Swahili-praise – Dew Hermon
46. There Is A Fountain / Elshaddai
47. To God Be The Glory
48. We Declare Your Majesty
49. Worship again
50. Worship Medley
51. Worship Medley – Latin Africa.
Who says you cannot make impact in life? when you have focus and God is still God. Am using this great medium to say Happy birthday to Pastor Kunle Ajayi.

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