The family of Abiola Ajimobi, the former governor of Oyo State who died recently has disclosed the reason why the Rauf Olaniyan, state’s Deputy Governor was declined entrance from attending the 8th day Fidau prayer of the late governor.

Ajimobi’s family said that the prayer was in strictly subjected to the federal government’s social distance order, further said that they were not informed of his visit.

The family also revealed that all measures to grant his entrance was fruitless upon Olaniyan’s arrival, he drive away while they were making efforts for his entrance into the prayer venue.

Remember that Deputy Governor, the Head of Service, Ololade and the Commissioner for land, Mr Abiodun Abdul-Raheem, had arrived Ajimobi’s residence in Ibadan, the state capital but were not permitted from entering into the Late Governor's house

But, Mr Bolaji Tunji, who is the spokesman to the late governor, disclose in a statement: “There is the need to clarify the believed presence of the Deputy Governor of Oyo State, Engineer Rauf Olaniyan at the 8th day prayer of HE Senator Abiola Ajimobi, the immediate past Governor of Oyo State.

“The Deputy Governor arrived after the prayer had started. The event was strictly a family affair.

“There was a need to comply with the Covid-19 protocol as established by NCDC – Social distancing, not more than 30 people in a place and seats arranged, accordingly. After which the gate was shut.

“No one was aware that the Deputy Governor was coming as neither the advance team nor the protocol informed us.
“By the time we got to the gate to usher him into the sitting room, he had left. Everything happened within a spate of 10mins.”

The family also revealed that measures were arranged to communicate to the deputy governor what occurred are “was not to slight him and he could sit in a private sitting room” but he had left the venue of the prayer.

They also tender their apology to the Deputy Governor for the scenario.

Meanwhile, Ajimobi, the former Governor of the state had died due to the complicated from  COVID-19.

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