Akuapem Poloo has come out to apologize over the posting of a birthday photoshoot that saw her naked in front of her son.
Many people have said that it’s not morally right on her side to do so.

In a new video yesterday, she came out to give reasons for her nude photoshoot.

She said she always bath with her son naked.

Explaining further, Akuapem Poloo also mentioned that she’s an artiste so any thing she posts on social media has an artistic impression to put a message out there.

So the issue with her naked birthday shoot with her son is that she wants kids out there not to fear their parents when they’re naked. So when they see their parents naked, they should clothe.

“All the same I’m so sorry if I hurt or anyone got hurt with my post this morning. I also want you to know that I didn’t have any bad intentions. I was only trying to send out a message”, she concluded.

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