Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Ntufam Mba Ukweni, has disclosed that anti-corruption fight of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) in Nigeria has failed.

Reacting with the newsmen on Sunday on phone, Ntufam Ukweni lamented that the high rates of manipulation observed in recent days, saying, “It’s a very embarrassing situation, if the APC Government cannot organise itself and ensure that things are done properly, they should leave.

He lamented that, “The APC government came to power with one key agenda which the whole world applauded, the anti-corruption fight, it’s disturbing that within the same government, within the same people who came to correct the ills of the previous administration is now engulfed with a worse situation, worse corruption than what they claimed to have come to clean, it is embarrassing to everybody."

Ukweni appeal all Nigerian to claimed that public office is a public trust and they are accountable to Nigerians, “Public office is a public trust if APC government that came into power for the sole purpose of fighting corruption has now seen that the fight against corruption is not working properly within the same system they have some questions to answer.

He said further, “There are responsibilities in all arms of government. These are the same people who were moving against Judges. The Executive should not complain about what the National Assembly is doing, there is nothing strength about it, government has inbuilt checks and balances."

SAN stated that he was joyful that a lot things are uncovered, “if there are certain things wrong, the minister, Akpabio should be able to open up and bring them out, it shouldn’t be used as a point of blackmail to cow the National Assembly from doing their over side functions because those things are to provide checks and balances in the system.

He emphasized that, “Government has a duty of accountability at all level, there is nothing to hide in public office if some House of Reps members have soiled their hands in respect of contract and if he fails to mention them, he has no moral justifications to be in office as a Minister, a public office is a public trust it is not a place for one to use for games."

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