On the latest big brother naija reunion, an argument between Kim Oprah and Tacha was raised, concerning a certain incident that happen between both housemate. Kim revealed that Tacha recorded her with her phone during an event in the hotel, and Tacha was shouting, this is my car, were is your car, you have been jumping from one car to anther.

To backup that statement, Esther, revealed that she is not sure about what was going on between both housemates, but she was sure that Tacha was recording Kim because the light to her phone camera was switched on and pointed towards their direction and Tacha’s voices was loud as well.

In response to the allegations from both Kim and Esther, Tacha insisted that she knows nothing about what the pair are talking about, insisting that she has been all confident about herself, and because she is a lady, there is much criticism about how is decides to live her life, insisting that if that was a man, there would be no issues about him expressing him confidence.

All Kim was insisting on was that Tacha should have come clear to her if there was a problem between them and she would have apologized to her, and went further to insist that she has no idea what Tacha wants to use the clips of the videos she recorded for.

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