The former Senate President of Nigeria, Dr. Bukola Saraki has reacted to the recent occurrence of cyber fraud across the globe.
He was transparent to condemned Nigerians who involved in cyber scam and the effect it have on the national image and the urgent needed actions to taking by the Nigeria Government and the World Leader to curb the effect.
Former President added that while the world battling with corona virus and the way out from the mess of the pandemic. Nigeria Government still receiving cyber fraud committed by her citizens.
He said, "In recent times, there has been an alarming increase in the number of reported cases of Nigerians alleged to have been involved in Cyber scams in different parts of the world.

The sheer number of these cases, the amount involved and the effect that they have on the national image and psyche require urgent action by our government and Nigerians at large."

 Few days ago, the United States Treasury Department sanctioned some Nigerian cyber criminals who are said to have targeted U.S businesses and individuals in wire frauds.

In the same week, a young Nigerian, who was recently featured in Forbes Magazine’s “30 under 30” pleaded guilty to cyber fraud involving over $11m USD in Virginia.

Also, some Nigerians were reported to have been arrested in the United Arab Emirates for allegedly committing cyber fraud in excess of $35m USD, by allegedly illegally diverting money from a fund set up to combat the negative effects of Covid-19.

The former Senate President said, "What all these cases portend is that while the world is battling with the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and confronting the raging agitation against racism and discrimination, Nigeria has to additionally cope with more negative news generated by the activities of her fraudulent citizens particularly against the United States of America and the United Arab Emirate."

He also added that, the side effect of these actions has affected the law enforcement agencies for not checkmate this ridiculous behaviors.
He said, "implication of this rising trend of Nigerian fraudsters becoming bolder and daring in their nefarious activities is that the national outcry against their activities and the operations of the nation’s law enforcement agencies have not effectively checkmated these shameful ambassadors."

He said further that, "It is worrisome that this insignificant population of misguided Nigerian youths have chosen to earn a living through criminal activities. More than that, it saddens me greatly to notice the damaging effect the activities of these fraudsters is having on their fellow country men."

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