The reversal of a political top rank like Dogara is guarantee to prepare in motion a lot of political move in both the Ruling APC and main Opposition PDP ahead of 2023.

Here are 5 reasons that could cause Dogara's decision from PDP to APC


Dogara's decision to the Ruling All Progressives Congress could be the first of many Eminent Politicians, in the build-up to 2023, to defect from PDP to APC and vice versa. Interchanging political parties is common place within the Nigerian politician, and the defection of a heavyweight in Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Honourable Dogara, would mean that a lot of his followers and supporters would move with him to the APC. On the other hand, this means that the PDP would have to do a lot of political calculations in order to avoid such occurrences. However, this would appear inevitable as the message of Dogara's defection to powerful stakeholders, with varied interests, within the both parties would have ripple effects of massive defections between PDP and APC.


One of the issues that reportedly led to Dogara's earlier defection to Peoples Democratic Party was the tussle with the-then Governor of his state, Mohammed Abubakar of Bauchi State. Dogara's rift with the Ex-Governor was a clash of titans, with the Abubakar seeking reelection for second term under APC, and Dogara getting an automatic PDP ticket to represent Bogoro/Dass/Tafawa Balewa, Federal constituency of Bauchi State for a third time in the House of Representatives. In the end, Abubakar and the APC would lose to the PDP, while Dogara - under the umbrella of the PDP - won his election. History could repeat itself, with Dogara's defection to APC. The PDP, now the ruling party in Bauchi State, would face a formidable battle in 2023 to keep the state. Dogara defecting to the APC would definitely hurt the PDP's chances in the state, if History repeats itself.

A Stronger APC-majority House of Reps

The All Progressives Congress, with Dogara, do not just have another APC Lawmaker, but a powerful one at that. Unlike the first four years of the Buhari Presidency and Dogara as Speaker of the House of Reprensentatives, where the Presidency and National Assembly had a strained relationship, the Executive-Legislature have had a cordial understanding. Dogara increasing the APC numbers in the House of Reps can only strengthen that. Unfortunately for the PDP, this weakens their minority power in the House of Reps.
A Tinubu-Dogara 2023 Presidency.
 The news of Dogara's defection brought a lot of speculations that the meeting with President Buhari could be part of a political move ahead of 2023. While these speculations seem farfetched, it is not entirely impossible. APC's National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is rumoured to have a 2023 Presidential Ambition, and Dogara would make the perfect running mate based on two conventional considerations. Dogara is from the North and is a Christian, Tinubu is from the Southwest and is a Muslim. While the concept of zoning plus having the Christian/Muslim Presidential and Muslim/Christian Vice Presidential ticket doesn't consider merit first, it's a reality which wins election. A Tinubu-Dogara Presidency would be formidable against any pairing the PDP produces in 2023.

Bauchi Governorship Ticket

Another Possibility which can arise from Dogara's defection is a Governorship bid. The former Speaker of the House of Representatives could decide to run for Governor of Bauchi State against the Current Governor Bala Mohammed who will possibly seek reelection. Dogara's return might not be unconnected to a fall out with the current Governor who's of the People's Democratic Party. This will be a repeat of 2019, when Dogara also, reportedly had a misunderstanding with then Governor Mohammed Abubakar who he helped defeat in the elections. This time, Dogara could be looking to run for Governor himself, after being a member of the Federal House of Representatives representing Bogoro/Dass/Tafawa Balewa, Federal constituency of Bauchi State since 2007.

What are your expectations from Dogara rejoining the APC?

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