There was drama between islamic leaders and traditional worshipers over right to bury a dead man in Ogun State.

Although the deceased was practising Islamic religion, but some traditional ruler make a move to bury his remains because he killed himself.

The deceased identified as Muhammed Jamiu, an electrician who gave birth to only one child, allegedly commit suicide in his room on Yakubu Habibu Street, Agura, Sabo, Sagamu, on Monday night.

Some traditional worshipers and Islamic leaders in the community argue angrily on Tuesday over the ownership of the corpse of a man who committed suicide in the Sagamu area of Ogun state.

The traditional rulers insisted that a ritual must be done to avert any consequences of the death in the area.

Nurain Ilyas, who happened to be the Imam of Aduragbemi Mosque in Agura Sabo, where the deceased prayed before his demised disclosed that his members laments by Jamiu’s death.

Imam stated that they were so worried when the traditional worshipers came to take over his corpse.

Ilyas in his statement said, “His name is Muhammadu Jamiu. He was 32 years of age. He was an electrician. He was married with one kid, but divorced many years ago. He was an easygoing person. He used to pray in my mosque and I always admonished him to make his faith stronger. I think he hanged himself.

“The police came to inspect the scene after it happened on Monday night.”

Ilyas said there was no written note found around the decease.

On the clash between the two religious groups, Imam Sonubi Dauda, said the matter was later taken to the palace of the traditional ruler in the area.

According to him, representatives of the traditional worshipers asked to contribute some amount to perform the ritual.

He added, “They asked for about N150,000 before they reduced it to N25,000; but we refused and did not give them a dime.

“We collected the key to the room where the man hanged himself from them. I don’t know their problem since the police had ordered that the corpse should be buried."

Dauda later confirmed that they buried the man according to Islamic rites.

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