The Federal Government of Nigeria through Osagie Ehanire, Minister of Health has warned medical experts who is planning to move out from Nigeria to other countries to rethink such action as they would not be given hazard allowance.

The minister of health disclosed this during the Presidential Task Force (PTF) daily conference on Thursday in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory.

The minister of health stated that, there is no need for medical Doctors to travel out of the country, as the government was planning better welfare for them.

In response to the information that 58 medical experts were stopped from travelling out of Nigeria for the UK in a recent time due to visa challenges, Ehanire was surprised, stated that, the plans was improper as many of them does not have visas.

Ehanire statement read, “Now, this UK where they are going to, there’s no hazard allowance. They don’t give doctors hazard allowance. You just get your salary, that’s all. I’ve spoken to doctors there and they said it’s part of their job, part of what they’re trained for.

“But here, apart from your salary, we still try to add something to it in the hope that we’re going to attract our people to stay."

The Minister Osagie added that medical experts does not owe Nigeria anything, however, it was essential they add “the experience and cutting-edge knowledge and skills they bring from abroad.”

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