The former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Benin (Professor Grace Alele -Williams) and Highly distinguished educationist has reacted in recent time to a reporter’s question concerning Ize-Iyamu period at the institution.
The Professor revealed her encounter between her security men and Ize-Iyamu which she certify some years back, she said:  ” Yes, I still remember the young man, he always seemed to be a troubled personality, how can I forget him, particularly the night when he breached and scaled the security fence of my residence”.

“It was about 10 pm as my family and I were getting settled for the night, I had coincidentally walked out to my balcony when I noticed long shades across the security light at a remote corner of my residence, then I stepped back into the house to call the security”.

“Then I heard a scramble as some unused construction planks that were piled up near the area from where the student was trying to climb out to flee, maybe because he heard the sound of the door when I “Unfortunately, the University security patrol had contemporaneously arrived at my residence on their round of regular checks even before I got through to them on the phone. I was later told that a senior Lecturer living not too far away from me had called the campus security on sighting a creepy movement outside my fence”.

The Professor who told a very dependable source that, “they had surrounded my house, the two security officers who used their own locks to enter into my premises literally pulled down the student from the wall. Some dangerous weapons fell off his pockets during the struggle, I don’t want to go into details here because of the emotions and disgust that I went through watching a young man who is supposed to be my student engaging In such sinister conduct”.

“Of course, I recognized him immediately he was wrestled to the ground, I recognized him in his long rickety frame, I know him well as a student who has been involved in various violent incidents in the campus. The committee that investigated Ize-Iyamu’s attempted attack with dangerous weapons on me made a ruling that Ize-Iyamu was no longer fit to be in the University community”.

“I think the committee made up of distinguished senior professors and student’s representatives did a comprehensive chronicle of the abominable life of Ize-Iyamu on the campus, and categorically concluded that he was a danger to UNIBEN community, hence he was rusticated.

“It’s a long time ago now, but I still remember the incident very clearly, the foremost female VC in Nigeria concluded.

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