On behalf of the crew, the government and people of Delta State, we congratulate a courageous gentleman; a leading light of this generation; and, an illustrious Bayelsan, Chief Timipre Sylva, as he celebrates his 56th birthday.

Timipre Sylva was born on the 7th of July 1964 in Okpoma, Brass Local Government Area of present day Bayelsa State.
He started his primary education at St. Paul’s Anglican Primary School, Okpoma and finished at Ajeromi Central School I, Lagos in 1976. His secondary education took him to Government Secondary School, Brass from 1976 – 1981.
He secured admission into the University of Port Harcourt, where he studied English Language / Linguistics. 
For the mandatory National Youth Service Corps Programme, he served with Shell Petroleum Development Company at Warri, Delta State.
His working career started with the National Minority Business Council, Port Harcourt, where as the Executive Secretary, he diligently saw to the creation of employment opportunities for his people.
It was in recognition of his altruism and dedication to duty that his people elected him, to represent them at the Rivers State House of Assembly in 1991- 1992 on the platform of the then National Republican Convention, NRC. This was however, cut short by the military intervention of the Late General Sani Abacha.
Thereafter, he went into private business. When the ban on politics was lifted, he became one of the founding members of the United Nigeria Congress Party, UNCP, where he served as the State Financial Secretary. 
Following the extinction of the then five political parties. He together with his people embraced the People’s Democratic Party, PDP.
He was political adviser to the former Governor, D.S.P. Alamieyeseigha up till 2002, when he resigned.
He was also member of the Governing Council, Federal University of Agriculture, Umudike Abia State till 2004. 
He has been the Special Assistant to the Minister of State, Petroleum Resources.
Executive Governor of Bayelsa State 29 May 2007 - 16 April 2008
Executive Governor of Bayelsa State 27 May 2008 - 27 January 2012

He is a husband, father, friend, a man of vision, leader, change agent…Chief Timipre Sylva is a lot of things and through it all runs his honest, direct, authentic, tenacious approach to life that has allowed him, time and again, to do what they said couldn’t be done and, as his mom told him as a boy, “make things a much better because you were there.”


1. Completion of Bayelsa State Judiciary Complex, 
2. Construction & Furnishing of Bayelsa Secretariat Complex Annex 
3. Construction of Yenagoa Peace Park & Harmony Fountain
4. Completion of Government House Phase II
5. Clearing & Land Reclamation of Yenagoa Business District (YBD) 
6. Construction of Transparency Building, Yenagoa Business District.
7. Completion of Government Banquet Hall
8. Construction of Modern UBE Schools across communities in Bayelsa State, 
9. Construction of 52 Link Roads in Yenagoa Metropolis.
10. Construction of New Commissioners Estate.
11. Construction of New House of Assembly Estate. 
12. Construction of Okaka Housing Estate, Phase II for Judges 
13. Building of Ultra Modern Diete Koki Memorial Hospital, Opolo
14. Equipped Diete Koki Memorial Hospital with Modern Medical Equipment
15. Building and Furnishing of the Multi Billion Naira Glory Land Castle
16. Completion of Azikoro Estate Phase II
17. Construction of the Onuebum - Otuoke Road
18. Completion of Yenagoa Gateway Road Phase I 
19. Awarded contract for the Umar Musa Yar’Adua International Cargo Airport
20. Awarded the Construction of Yenagoa Gateway Road Phase II.
21. Designed the Yenagoa Guardian Angel Gateway
22. Employed 8, 000 Youths in Bayelsa Volunteers from all the 8 LGAs
23. Regular Payment of Salary, Gratuity, Pensions and Bursary.
24. Regular Welfare Programs for Civil Servants
25. Regular promotions for State Civil Servants when due
26. Improved the Supply & Distribution of Electricity in Bayelsa State
27. Construction of Yenagoa Tower Hotel & International Conference Centre from the second floor to it’s present 18th floor.
28. Awarded Foreign Scholarships and Expanded Existing Programs to Include Skill Acquisition.
29. Established Centre for Peace & Conflict Resolution (Peace House) to settle Inter & Intra Community Disputes. 
30. Attracted Nigerian Law School to Yenagoa
31. Built & Furnished Nigerian Law School, South-South Campus, Yenagoa
32. Established a Special Fund for the Construction of New and Upgrade of Existing Facilities to Required Standard stipulated by the Council for Legal Studies.
33. Built & Equipped the Bayelsa State Library.
34. Provided ICT Training for Bayelsans in Advanced Computer Programs in India.
35. Initiated the Amnesty Program to boost Security of the State and it’s Economy. 
36. Attracted a fair share of NDDC and Federal Projects to Bayelsa State.
37. Electrification of Rural Communities.
38. Construction of Concrete Roads in Rural Communities
39. Renovation of Gabriel Okara Cultural Centre, Yenagoa


1. Federal University, Otuoke.
2. Federal Polytechnic, Ekowe.
3. Isaac Jasper Boro College of Education.
4. Nigerian Law School, South-South Campus, Yenagoa.
5. Connection of Bayelsa State to the National Electricity Grid, prior to Chief Timipre Sylva, Bayelsa State was the only State not connected to the National Grid.

To be of immense help to the society, as the Lord has favoured me to live.
To dedicate his life in service to humanity and see to the upliftment of his people to a comfortable life.

“The vision I share with all Bayelsans is the creation of a prosperous, secure and unified Bayelsa State.
“Prosperity means ensuring access to good quality health care and education services are equally available to all Bayelsans.
“A secure environment will exist where personal safety and security of property are enjoyed by all members of society in a peaceful setting.
“Where ethnic heritage is respected, celebrated and binds us together there will be unity.
“The people of Bayelsa State will enjoy affordable housing, comprehensive education, high standards in health care, job training and expanding opportunities for employment.
“We will work together to build a state with a thriving economy that will provide not only for our current needs but will ensure a secure and prosperos future for our children and all future generations.”
Timipre Sylva.

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