As a Shepherd, your member is one of your greatest places of strength, power, passion and anointing.
Mnay times, we discharge such unexpected and rare anointing on the members than outside it.

Clergymen are practically charged spiritually, physically, emotionally, psychologically and even intellectually when ministering on the members.

But, there is a inducement to unintentionally far above some lines of proper and appropriate social behaviour when preaching on the alter.

Pastors jokingly say some things that are not edible. Some insult the sensibilities or injured the emotions of the audience and listeners and may even chase people out of the church.
Some utterances from the utter out of plain ignorance which are not supposed to be.

The following statement are observed not suitable from the utter:

1. I don't care what you are going (passing) through.
[This means you don't have empathy or sympathy for the people. Jesus Christ is usually touched by the feelings of our infirmity. Several times the Bible says, Jesus has compassion on the people].

2. That your 'Amen' is sick, lame, paralyzed, etc. [Jesus Christ is the 'Amen' of the Father. Jesus Christ cannot be sick or lame].

3. If you sleep while I am preaching, you are a witch. [This is highly insensitive. People may sleep in Church due to various reasons, it could be due to bodily exhaustion, especially if the person came to Church from a hard day's job. One could equally sleep due to a long boring message, etc].

4. If you don't like what I'm preaching, that's your business because I like it. [Pastor, please remember that God called you for the people and not for yourself].

5. If you go before we share the grace, you will go in disgrace. [You are called to bless the people and not to curse them. Don't use threats to keep people longer than necessary in Church. The Church members are God's children not slaves].

6. In this Church we preach and stand for the truth unlike other Churches. [Don't be critical, judgmental and sensational. You can't be the only one preaching and standing for the truth].

7. Everybody, bring all the money with you now (in your pocket, wallet, purse, bag, car) and drop on the altar or give to God [Let people give willingly and cheerfully and not out of compulsion, manipulation and threats].

8. This pulpit is mine so I have the right to do whatever I like [God owns the pulpit, a pastor is only but a steward/ messenger / instrument].

9. If you don't like what I am preaching, leave this Church [Are you driving them back to the world]?

10. Don't ask me anything about the Church. When I started from the scratch, suffering with my wife, where were you? [This is highly insensitive].

ADVICE: If you are not get it right, go back to the one who called you, instead of attending to your temperament on the members. You are not the owner of the Church and they are not the one who called you.
Perhaps, this message may transformed and save someone before it is too late.

May the Lord bless and help us all so that we don't disappoint God in discharging our duties in Jesus name.

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