A deaconess identified as Mrs. Iyema Oyemola Oyewole, with the Living Faith Church, also known as Winners Barnawa, Kaduna State, has been apprehended for intentionally inflicting a 14-year-old girl kept in her care.
Mrs. Iyema Oyemola Oyewole, was apprehended by Kaduna Police command for inflicting 14-year-old girl, identified as Princess who has been living with her for almost one year now.

Ngrealnews gathered that Princess’ father, who is friends with the deaconesses husband, had respected his friend’s request for her to be living with them since he doesn’t have an abode due to the southern kaduna crisis.

“Mr. Oyewole begged for Princess to come and stay with them, promising that she would be well taken care of and sent to school.

A source disclosed that the culprit woman anointed the girl with holy water when she received her, so the father of the victim girl thought his daughter was in the safe hands."

Some Months after, the father called to speak with his daughter; the woman asked the father to speak with his daughter in English, because she knew the daughter would likely open up with her father if she speakers Hausa language. The call was closely tracked to stop Princess from torturing her.

Right from the day Princess was welcomed in their house, she has been sleeping on the toilet floor without a wrapper and was given a cup to fetch water from the toilet tap to drink in case she was thirsty.

Kaduna State police command has arrested her for intentionally inflicting the girl and presently she is in the custody of police men in Kaduna state

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