Many signs of end time with strange things are happening in confirmation.

Several acts are revealing to authenticate just as the bible said.

This is also one of the signs that shows the world will end soon.

A matured goat deliver a baby with half human being and half goat some where in kaduna.

The source said that, the newly born goat - human was delivered with the assistant of a veterinary doctor when the goat cannot deliver by its self

The owner of the goat also said; "my goat carried this pregnancy for more than a year now, I had been wondering and searching for solution, I took it the goat to so many veterinary hospital but to no avail.

Just yesterday's night, I heard the screaming and crying in serious pain. I ran to checkout what was wrong with the goat, I found out that the goat was bleeding from behind.

I quickly called up the doctor and he responded quickly. As soon as he reached there, he examine and noticed the goat was in labour, we assisted the goat just for the baby to come out to be something strange", "a goat -human living creature."

The goat came out with parts of goat and human structure

The owner of the goat said further that, the most amazing thing about the goat -human is that, the goat was delivered with a written words just at the point that separated the two different structure of the goat.

After critical look at the writing, it says,"Jesus is coming soon, he will be coming on."

The date was written but can't be seen clearly. All measures had been made to see the date but was not clearly seen.

Up till now, every one had been making efforts to see the date but was proved abortive.

The major message passed by the Goat is that Jesus will come soon than expected, that is why the date was written.

Turn away from your evil today, tomorrow may be too late

I have deliver the message, it is now your turn to fulfill your obligations.

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I wish you heaven at last as you share in Jesus name.

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