The medical experts of Psychiatric Hospital in the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital (FNPH) in Calabar have staged a calm objection reporting “injustice” in the payment of COVID-19 hazard palliative to health experts in tertiary health institutions.

The medical experts who made the objection on Wednesday disclose that some group of Workers which are clinical staff, nurses, pharmacists, medical laboratory, and some health assistance were paid 40 percent.

They regretted that the accountant, environmental officers, the administrators, auditors and storekeepers with cleaners received 10 percent.

The protesters with placards written such as ‘COVID-19 hazard allowance: pay the 30 percent allowance now’, ‘we say no to 10 percent, pay us our balance now,’ Ministry of Health drifting to animal farm’ among many others”.

Mr. Daniel Odo, Chairman of Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU) FNPH branch, said while reacting to NANS that all workers in the clinic were exposed to all risks and outburst.

Mr Daniel claimed that all staff in the clinic were health personnel, also said that it was the reason why all staff of the clinic no matter the rank were paid N5, 000 as hazard allowance.

“As a branch of JOHESU, we say a bold no to the skewed implementation of the payment of COVID-19 hazard and inducement allowance which was approved for all health workers by the Federal Government.

“The haphazard selection of a few members who were paid jumbo 40 percent of their basic consolidated salary and the remaining half, a paltry 10 percent was aimed at dividing and ruling us.

“In the spirit of our resolved and solidarity that an injury to one, is an injury to all, I appeal to the generality of our members and particularly those that were privileged to receive the jumbo

“The payment was to compensate the health workers for the risk they face in service delivery and for handling the Covid-19 pandemic. But surprisingly, when the payment was effected, it was segregated. Some people were paid 40 percent, while others got 10 percent.

Dr. Bassey Edet, Managing Director of the Hospital, while addressing the protesters, appreciate all the medical personnel for showing their annoyance, he said further that he will address that matter base on the Federal Government via the Ministry of Health. “We will communicate with the authorities concerned. I feel pained because injustice done to one is done to all.

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