A man identified as Mr. Emesim Chukwunonso from Ukpor in Nnewi-North LGA, reportedly came back to life a few hours after he was confirmed dead by a hospital where he was receiving treatment.Chukwunonso had died after being involved in a freak accident in the place where he was working.

A Cleric, identified as Rev. Canon Chiadikaobi Emmanuel of Jesus Healing School, Nnewi, who narrated this through his official Facebook Page said that Chukwunonso died two times before he coming back to life.

Here's what part of the Facebook Post Read;


“Mr. Emesim Chukwunonso had a fatal accident where he was working. His cutting machine hit on iron in the wall and bounced back to cut his skull into his brain, from the head down to his cheek. Having lost much blood, he died in the first hospital they admitted him.

When confirmed dead, his friends took him away from the hospital. Meanwhile, he saw himself depart from his physical body to embark on a journey where he walked with thousands of people.

All were moving towards a particular direction and yet nobody looked back or talked to each other. All one by one passed through one gate.

The person before him passed through the huge gate, and it was his turn to enter when suddenly the gate banged close. And a loud voice commanded him, saying, “Go back.” Then he turned to go back only to regain his consciousness on earth.

At that time his fingers moved and his friends became happy and drove the vehicle speedily to Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital, Nnewi. In the emergency ward, the doctors discovered that the cut was deep.

The skull was cut and blood and debris of the skull entered his brain. The result was that he lost his memory. He could not recognize his wife or where he was. The doctors recommended an operation which a 50-50 contract, his wife and twin signed. He could survive, die or permanently lose his right memory.

In the course of the surgery, which lasted for six hours, he left his body again and saw himself in a desert region where thick darkness covered. He knew it was his last battle for life but the darkness was so much for him.

Graciously, Jesus came down with myriads of angel. When he looked up and saw Him descending, he raised his hand and voice, and shouted, “Jesus!” Then Jesus spoke and said, “You are my son, and I am your Father.” Then He held his hand and they walked together for a distance. Then He said, “Go and tell the world, I am angry, and I am coming soon to pick the saints.” Then He departed.

The darkness which covered everywhere before the arrival Jesus and His angels did not return again; instead, there was light and he opened his eyes to see about eight doctors surrounding him doing all they could to revive his breathing.

He had stopped breathing for a very long time! But when he got back to his body, he recognized his wife, twin, and the doctors, and they were all happy. The doctors gave him twenty days to be healed, but he said “No”, he would be healed in seven days. And that was what happened, to their surprise.

Meanwhile, the Spirit of God was heavy on him. His neighbour in the hospital, waved his hands to him and left his body. He greeted him too, and later asked his children to pray for their father so that his journey will be to a better place. They laughed at him because they thought he was still talking out of his mind. Few minutes later, the man died to their surprise.

Later, God gave him another sign of His presence. He declared that no person would again die in the emergency ward until his departure. He announced it to the people and it was so.”

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