An atlanta based public consultant, Princewill Odidi has some words to say about the success story of Rwanda on corona virus also known as COVID-19

His reaction goes thus: Rwanda is said to have the best of Africa’s success story in terms of the containment of COVID-19. President Paul Kagames iron fisted democracy appears to work in Rwanda and I think that’s what Nigeria need. 

We abuse everything, we abuse our courts, we abuse law enforcement, we abuse every national institution and I think a laid back leader who prefers to sit down and watch these non functional institutions to deliver the dividends of democracy will not work for Nigeria. It took me a long time to arrive at this conclusion and I think I am right. 

For the past decade, Rwanda built institutions and infrastructure to handle HIV and Ebola, and used the same facilities to contain the Covid 19 pandemic. That is the difference with a leadership with smart thinking heads. 

Africa’s problem afterall, may not be our blackness, it is our failed and grossly ignorant leadership. A group of some self centered politicians who have taken advantage of our people’s poverty and ethnic consciousness to manipulate and promote their selfish interest. 

Now, Even some well educated Nigerians in government operate and reasons like the uneducated. The educated illiterates are experts only on public institutional abuse. 

If not, How do you explain an agency like NDDC that have Nigerian students they sent overseas on scholarship, stipends and fees not paid, these young people have literally become begers overseas, yet the management of NDDC at home issues contracts in billions and call it Covid 19 consultancy, palliatives and enlightenment initiatives. How have we fallen so low as a nation? 

What kind of country are we running? If Rwanda Paul Kagame has the opportunity to run Nigeria he will definitely do a better job. Why can’t our democracy produce the likes of a thinking Kagame? 

We need democracy, but definitely not hands in gloves democracy or sit and look democracy. At present it appears abuse of processes is cultural in our clime. We cannot continue like these while our people die daily.

Maybe we need a more strong and decisive leadership than what we have today, if not then the President and State Governors should sit up.

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