Dr. Hephzibah Oladebeye, who is the Rector, Federal Polytechnic, Ado Ekiti, has asked on the Ekiti State government and the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control(NCDC) to choose the institution as a testing and treatment centre for COVID-19 pandemic.

Oladebeye said the reason why he demand this is that the Polytechnic has acquired a polymerate Chain Reaction (PCR) machine via the consent provided by some lecturers that can quickly test the COVID-19 status of individuals.

The Rector of Ado Ekiti said while preparing for reopenning of the institution with the challenges of the pandemic COVID-19, the the polytechnic has produced enough physical measures that can assure safety on campus if the Federal government lift ban on schools.

The Rector Oladebeye revealed this in Ado Ekiti on Wednesday while displaying his new ideas contributed to the institution to the quick containment of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The physical measures produced to curtail the pandemic virus by the polytechnic are: Face masks, sanitizers, pedal-operated hand washing and sanitizing machines amongst others.

The Rector stated that the institution had also acquired a Polymerate Chain Reaction (PCR) machine, which was bought mainly for the purpose of DNA and RNA analyses but was later uncovered in testing pandemic COVID-19.

“During the lockdown, our researchers here didn’t rest. We used the lockdown period for innovation. We manufactured all these to help our nation. The PCR doesn’t have accessories, so we are pleading to the state government to help us so that the PCR machine can be put to use and the whole state can be safe.

“The PCR can test a large number of people in a day. Apart from this, we have a massive health centre we can easily convert into an isolation centre, if the government is ready to partner us”.

The Rector noted that the equipment acquired would help in quick reopening of the institution when the Federal government ordered reopening of schools.

The Rector also disclose that the polytechnic is urging the general public, private organisations and governments for patronage so that all the equipment can be marketed to expand the commercial ability of the polytechnic.

“We are ready to manufacture and sell to interested state governments, corporate organisations and individuals. Some of them can be put in public places for the safety of our citizens”.

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