Curvy Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle, has taken to social media to send a note of warning to married men. The film star threatened to report the married men wooing her to their wives. Shyngle said that she would take the screenshot of the married men coming to her DM and send it to their wives

Social media has bridged the gap between a lot of people and has made making connections easier. For that reason, regular people can strike up friendships with celebrities and job seekers can impress business owners and get employed. However, there is also a downside to social media. A lot of people misuse the opportunities they have and try to form wrong connections or use it as an avenue to cheat.

Just recently, Ghana-based Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle, took to social media via her Instagram page to warn the married men who make passes at her.

The curvy film star revealed that a number of married men slide into her DM and she threatened to report them to their wives. Shingle vowed to take a screenshot of the messages married men send to her in the DM and send them to their wives. She also said she had already taken a few screenshots as evidence.

In her words: “If you’re a married man and you mistakenly slide into my dm asking me out or even complimenting me I’m going to screenshot it and send it to your wife. I’m not joking, I’m about to DM a few wives with a screenshot of their husband on my dm”

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