In 1935 when there was no party politics in any shape or form in Northern Lagos Nigeria, some well-meaning and enlightened citizens of Offa resident in Lagos gathered themselves together and formed an organization appropriately labeled the “Offa Descendants’ Union” with the sole aim of seeking the improvement of Offa district, working for unity, peace and progress among all sons and daughters of Offa district and the other districts of Ilorin Division and ultimately regaining for Offa the lost divisional status which she enjoyed until 1917.
The co-founders of the Offa Descendants’ Union, who attended the first inaugural meeting of the union on 13th October, 1935 (SUNDAY) , McCollum street, Ebute Metta, Nigeria, are as follows.
1. A. O. Bilewu of Esho Oke’s Compound, Offa.
2. Joseph Oyebanji of Afobara’s Compound, Offa.
3. Theophilus O. Olanrewaju of Oloyi’s Compound, Offa.
4. Samuel Ade Akintoye of Gedegbe’s Compound, Offa.
5. S.O. Oyawoye of Elemosho’s Compound, Offa.
6. J.A. Oyawoye of Elemosho’s Compound, Offa.
7. Jimoh Bukoye of Otenuadieboko’s Compound, Offa.
8. Yesufu Alalikirani of Sahwo Elerin’s Compound, Offa.
9. James Omotekun of Olouyi’s Compound, Offa.10. Abraham Adesoye of Ola-Isale’s     Compound, Offa.
11 Salami Olagunju (popularly known as Salami Atike) of Ojude’s Compound.
12. Buraimoh Moradeyo of Aba’s Compound. Offa.
13. Moses Oyetoke of Alagure’s Compound, Offa.
14. Busari Alabi of Agbopa’s Compound, Offa.
15. Lawani Anjorin of Agbopa’s Compound, Offa.
16. Shittu Anjorin of Agbopa’s Compound, Offa.
17. James Awojobi of Gedegbe’s Compound, Offa.
18. Gbadamosi Omowale of Ganifa’s Compound, Offa.
19. Sunmonu Adedeji of Asanlu’s Compound, Offa.

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