Pastor Simon Aranonu
God bless you all my friends and associate all over the world. 

I want to share a few things with you which I believed will be able to assist us as will enter a New Phase gradually following this Covid-19 crisis that just appeared as if we are bound to enter a New Year across the world. That easing of restrictions and movement are gradually been dismantled in one way or the other.

And a couple of changes have been introduced in our lifestyle and that very clearly there are Mandatory Policy for us across the world that: You have to wear face and nose mask; where we have to do Hand Sanitation and Social Distancing.

There are all kinds if regulations across the world on how we all have to comply in order to begin to operate in this New Dimension. 

It does appear as if this New Lifestyle may be on for quite a reasonable long time.

So, while you are adapting to the New Mandatory Lifestyle, I just don't want us to get back to the old normal, your own Personal old normal.

We are all learning the lesson if the lockdown; I believed that there are Fundamental Lesson we all need to learn from the lockdown. 

Of course everybody's own lesson will not be the same but if you look at a few things we are going to share, you might note that there are one (1) or two (2) things that you may take home from the exercise we all have Passed through and we are still about to gradually exit by the help of God.

And so because our memory are very short, I don't want you to be able to forget what we learnt during this lockdown; that is why I'm sharing with you ten (10) Lessons that we can take out if the exercise and experience we all have Passed through which by the Grace of God we are about to exit.

1.Depending on Dependants.

Many People have come to depends on Dependants. 

What do I mean? 

You have People who serve you in one way or the other - Chauffeur, Steward, Gardeners, all kinds of attendants. 

Everybody who has been assisting you in life in one way or the other, you suddenly found out that they are not available in this Period of lockdown. 

If you had a driver, you now have to drive yourself if you must get out. 

So, if you have a Hardener, Steward, Cook; you now found out that suddenly you have to do everything by yourself. 

So, it is time for you to adjust to that lifestyle. 

There are People who owns a car who couldn't drive, they don't know how to drive and many People who didn't know how to clear their home - Suddenly you found out that the People you rely upon are all in their home. They too are in lockdown. 

So, learn how to take control of your life and learn to do things by yourself. 

Let the lessons you learnt be a Part of your lifestyle going forward - It is not mandatory who is helping.

2. Power of Saving.

Those who have not being Saving has been exposed during this Period. 

There are many People who are wealthy but they never have Savings. 

They have Plenty of money in excess but they never have in Saving.

And many People who you don't expect to run out of cash within the first (1st) week of the lockdown suddenly ran out of cash. 

So, ask yourself: Have you been saving enough? Do you spend every money that you have been earning? 

If you have not been doing so and this Period of lockdown expose you because of lack of Saving Culture, it's time for you to change.

Don't rush into the New Way of life without opening a "Saving Account"; without Practising Saving. 

*You need to know that at least ten percent (10%) to twenty percent (20%) of what you earn, no matter how small, must be set aside for a Raining Day.*

Nobody knows when the rain will fall. So, you need to keep your umbrella in case the rain will fall again.

3. Banking Digitization. 

A lot of People have being operating Banking in the old way for a very long time and they have been doing "manual Banking" so to speak.

And this lockdown has exposed the weakness of "Manual Banking". 

There are many People who couldn't do basic transfer because they never had any apps of the Bank where they keep an account. 

There are many People who couldn't even pay basic Bills like Insurance, trying to Pay Cable, DSTV Subscription, as simple as that. 

So, if you know that you never really have any of the apps for transfer Operations from the bank where you have account with, don't just rush back to the old life; learn the lesson.

The weaknesses you have in your Banking lifestyle has exposed you. 

Get on the New Way of doing things - Adjust to it, make sure you digitized your Banking Facilities so that when there is emergency, you would not need to be looking for somebody to help you or to lend you money when indeed you have  money in your bank.

It is just that you need the Skills to be able to use a Digital Facilities available for Banking.

4.Home Cooking versus Restaurant Eating.

You see, those who never cook in their house, those who never had kitchens, those who never know how to cook, who have been eating at Restaurants: Breakfast and Dinner, have suddenly found out that there are no Restaurants during the lockdown and even now there are restrictions as to how to eat in restaurant. 

You finally found out that the "Home Cooking" has no alternative. 

It is time for you to put your kitchen in order.

It is time now to learn how to be able to cook, its time now to know that a lot of meal should be cooked at home as much as Possible so that you won't be embarrassed when there is Emergency tomorrow when there is need for another lockdown - Who knows?

5. Important of Social Relationship.

Within this lockdown that is gradually taping off, you should sit down and ask yourself: "How many People called me during this Period"?

Of all your friends and relatives, if nobody call you within this seven (7) weeks or eight (8) weeks; you need to ask yourself a question because People will call you based on how you relate with them. 

So, it is questioning your Social Network.

Have you been having a "Lonely Isolated Life?

If you have been living a "Private Isolated Life"; you suddenly find out there is a need for you to maintain Social Network. 

You need to maintain friends: Call your friends from time to time because in time of crisis like this, it is the People you call that will call you, it's the People that you relate with that will relate with you. 

Many People were lonely during this Period because they did not maintain "Social Good Network". 

Change now so that when next there is need you will found out you will not be lonely again.

6. Importance of Private Prayer Life.

For a long time for almost seven (7) weeks, some Countries eight (8) weeks, some nine (9) weeks, some more than that, you were alone - Only you could Pray along with your family members. 

So, those who have to depends on Pastors to Pray for them - I happened to be a Pastor and I have been telling members of my Church that learn how to Pray by yourself.

Don't depend on People to Pray for you. 

God has unrestricted access to everybody, so don't say Pastor lay hands on me every time, Pastor Pray for me. 

Now, you see Pastor is Pastoring his own family - You can also Pastor yourself and your family. 

I believed now that you have learnt how to Pray by yourself. 

I believed you now know that God can answer Prayer if you Pray in your closest, in your room, in your living room, anywhere you Pray, 

God will answer. 

So, learn that level and take control of your Spiritual Life, take control of your relationship with God - Don't depend on People. 

Now you can see when things go awry - It is you only you talking with God alone. 

So, maintain that lifestyle, develop some Spiritual Independence - He will help you so that when you call your Pastor next time and you are told that your Pastor is sleeping but God is not sleeping.

7. Multiple Income.

This Period I have heard a lot of Testimonies. 

I have some friends who has called me today - He has some Shares in some Companies during this Period that they declare Dividends. He is working somewhere, he has some shares.

Another friend of mine has Treasury Bills and they Pay some Income on it. 

It is time for you to know that you need Multiple Incomes. 

If you have only one source of Income, you should know that when there is Problem and that some of your Income is short out, it is going to hurt very badly because some People didn't collect salary for a Month or two (2) but somehow because they have other Investments, they have some Streams of Income to keep going. 

So, as we gradually by the help of God enter into a New Phase of New Easing of restrictions and hopefully gradually returning back to normalcy, make sure you diversify your Investments - Don't put all your eggs in one basket because you never know.

Don't expose your Financial Inability to take Good Financial Decisions to anybody simply because you did not act on time.

8. Issue of family at home.

Those who have good home were happy to be home during this lockdown. 

Why? - The home is the final Place to go.

When the enemies Pursue you outside, where you go back to is your home. 

When you are harassed outside, you run back home.

When the outside is hostile the place to go to is the home. 

*Covid-19 was trouble from the outside and the Place to go to in order to avoid it is the home.* 

You can see how Good your home is! - Your home is the final Place as long you are alive. 

When you retire from work, that is where you go to. 

When you resign from work, that is where you go to. 

So, you have seen that the home is so critical - So critical it must be a Place that must be sweet, it must be a Place where you must be happy at all time. 

You should make your home comfortable.

Your office should not be more comfortable than home.

You should maintain Good Relationship with your spouse and with your children. 

Make your home comfortable because that is where you run to when there is trouble.

Those who use to run from home at the slightest provocation from their spouses, you see now that you have no Place to run to during this lockdown. 

You must make Peace with your family, love your children, like your spouse, make Peace with your family, make your home a beautiful Place because that is the Place you have to run to. 

You never know when we may be asked to go and rest for one thing or the other. 

It may never happened but it is good that your home is the Place where you must be comfortable and happy at all time.

9. Importance of Social Media.

Suddenly what has thrown up very clearly during this Period critically is the importance of Social Media. 

Many People never appreciated the Value of Social Media. 

Many People never appreciated the Value until this time. 

We have all seen that when it comes to the issue of fixing Business Meeting, Zoom, Microsoft tips and all kinds of apps are the one that we are all using today. 

On the Social Side, we have seen Whatsap, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, they have all taken over the Place of Social Interaction. 

Can you imagine a world where there was no Social Media at all and there was a lockdown, it would have been terrible. 

There would have been so many Sarcastic Cases, so many Mental Cases simply because People could not relate.

So, if that has covered a major gap, don't you ever think that that is about to go away - No, No, No. 

It is not likely to go away too soon - If any of the Platform are going to enlarge. 

So, it's pretty important that you get comfortable with the Social Media. 

If you have never been comfortable with it, you have no option now - Get on Board!

Make sure if there are apps you don't understand, tell your children to teach you.

Learn, get going because Social Media it appears will be the Next Expressway that we are going to be able to ply across if we must continue to relate with each other in the days and years to come.

10. Finally, let us talk about when all is departed, where will you end up?

This Period going on is a reflection. It is a little rehearsal of what will happen one day for everyone of us. 

There is time when one day, you will die. 

... And I'm trusting God that it will happen when we are all old.

But the question is: When you die, where will you end up? Where do you think you will end?. 

Because, when you finally die, everything we are talking about will no longer be going on but the question is: Will you make Heaven or will you make hell?

Life is not too long - maybe one hundred and twenty (120) Years maximum.

Where will you end up?. 

And where you will end up will depend on what you do while you are here.

If you are still living in adultery, committing murder, committing all kinds of evil, just know one thing that you will not be a Ticket to Heaven, you will be any Ticket that will end in Hell Fire.

And that time it will be too late for you to be able to repent. 

So, I encourage you: Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.

John 14:6 says: Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Romans 10:9 says that: If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus Christ, and shalt believe in all thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shall be saved.

Why not accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour? 

Why not  you reconcile with God? 

Make up with God.

This is the time for you to be able to put your house in order.

Prepare because nobody knows the hour, nobody knows the day so that on the last day, you won't be saying how I wish. 

I'm trusting God that you are going to take the right decision today.

I'm trusting God that you will put your house in a way that it will be good and happy.

I'm trusting God that you are going to implement all these Lessons as they apply to you because everybody's case is slightly different but the one that applies to you, Please work on them almost immediately.

Don't rush back to your old life without putting this things in order. 

That way if there is any event that will happen, you will not be taken unawares. You will be a happier Person and by the Grace of God, we will all see the "Ultimate End" of Covid-19. 

By the Grace of God, we will live a happier and fulfilled life.

By the Grace of God, on that last day when the Trumpet will sound, none of us will be able to mix Heaven. We will be able to leave a Good Legacy behind for children and for our children's children.

Thank you so much for staying and reading all through.

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