Tukur Buratai, The Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General has revealed that terrorism and banditry can be eradicated only when citizens make a strong move.

Buratai said this while addressing newsmen at the State House after hiding meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, on Monday.

Buratai said, “As to whether banditry, terrorism and so on will end, I think it all depends. If Nigerians want it to end today, I can assure you it will end today if everybody joins hands because these bandits are not outside Nigeria, they are not from foreign lands."

He said further the COAS stated that 100 percent of abductors are citizen of Nigeria, emphasizing that it is not only the responsibilities of the military and other security personnel to eradicate the insecurity in Nigeria.

The chief of army staff proved that 99 percent of the bandits and terrorists are the indigen of this country while 100 percent of abductors are also Nigeeians.

Remember that the military agencies had preciously in the month said it does not reticence the responsibilities to leak those sponsoring Boko Haram in the country.

The military noted that it understand that some criminal team have heavy financial support, but its major responsibilities is to fight “terrorism and other criminality."

The army added that the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and the Department of State Services (DSS) were responsible for leaking those behind Boko Haram

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