The chairman of Gwer West Local Government council in Benue, Francis Ayagah, was publicly punished for shouting All Progressives Congress ( APC ) at a campaign rally organized by the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP ).
According to reports, Ayagah was elected chairman on the platform of the APC, but he defected to PDP during the new political realignment in Benue State.

During the campaign rally which was organized by Governor Samuel Ortom ’s wife, Eunice, for the re-election of her husband in the local government area.
The chairman mounted the podium to deliver his campaign speech, he shouted Aaaaaa Peeeee Ceeeee (APC) two times.

There was no response from the PDP supporters, who felt embarrassed.

For the fact that Eunice, the wife of the governor hails from the local government area and she organized the rally, PDP elders in the area did not take it likely. He was summoned before the PDP elders to explain the error.

He was found kneeling down before elders. But, it could not be ascertained if he was forced to kneel down.

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