Princewill Odidi, a Nigeria born and an International development Consultant writing from Atlanta,USA, wrote an assertion about Nigeria challenges and poverty rampaging the country.

Full message read, "Nigeria’s greatest challenge post independence has been her ability to develop and give her people the good life. 

Most contemporary scholars have often defined development as the process by which the economic well-being and quality of life of a nation, region, or local community are improved according to targeted goals and objectives."

"Unfortunately our targeted goals are often misplaced. Ironically, the African politician whose duty is to lead the people in this journey places emphasis on modernization and or industrialization rather than on real people impacted development, what i term the development of poverty."

"Now there’s nothing wrong to aspire to be modern like most developed countries, there’s nothing wrong to aspire to build modern highways, modern airports, modern rail lines, modern cities and modern high rise buildings to create the impression that we are modernizing, the often forgotten question is, to what extent does these semblances of modernization improve on the quality of lives of ordinary people? Does the day to day living condition of Nigerians reflect of a people living amidst modern facilities?"

"Virtually all the state governments in Nigeria today are developing master plans to construct flyovers, some even build flyovers with fanciful neon lights adorning the bridges and we call it development. The silent question still unanswered has been, what necessitates the construction of these flyovers? Is  it trafic jam? Is it that our roads are over crowded? To what extent does these Projects affect the daily living condition of our people?"

"We copy but often paste wrongly. A flyover solves no problem or economic challenge if traffic and roads congestion was never a problem. I am not against capital projects, rather our development priorities as a people is totally misplaced."

"Spending billions on an unesesary project when hospitals have no beds, no syringes, no cotton buds, doctors are in short supply, people are sick and cannot afford basic health care, our mothers still use plantain leaves to deliver baby’s in the back of the house, our new born babies still depend on donated vaccines from a Whiteman to ensure improved infant mortality, building flyovers and most capital white elephant projects considered modernization, without corresponding investment in human basic needs of the people to me that is the “development of poverty." 

"Modernization is a death trap to poverty if the modern constructions does not align with the economic well being of the people. If the people cannot relate with your assumed modernity, then the goals of development is defeated. As most contemporary scholars have argued, development is only meaningful when the people can interact with their environment."

"Few years ago, billions of Naira were spent to built purported specialist hospitals in Bayelsa State, Edo state and even Akwa Ibom state. Where are those specialist hospitals today? Some are sinking in sand, some operating at the level of a mere consulting clinic and others outrightly abandoned. We call it development gone wrong."

"Let us use Edo State as an example, if the billions of Naira spent on that new specialist hospital was used to develop the university teaching hospital in Benin city can you imagine what first class teaching hospital that would have been today?"

"What our state governors fail to understand is that it is far easier to convert a university teaching hospital to your desired specialist hospital because they already have what it takes to be a specialist hospital, yes, they have the systems already in place. Teaching hospitals have poorly paid consultants, all we need is to modernize the doctors and develop the consultants by exposing them to new training research methods and use of modern equipments to interpret medical data."

"The Common sense that our leaders dont have is that a specialist hospital is not the building but the capacity of the human Personnel working in the building and their ability to relate to their environment, their ability to connect to new existing research findings, expert medical diagnosis and the administration of latest medical practices."

"Even as I write, many governors are still building giant elephant buildings to be tagged specialist hospitals while teaching hospitals in their respective states are in total decay and would pretend to tell you those hospital are federal institutions. What a poverty mentality among our elite politicians! This explains why development has remained a challenge post independence."

"So, Virtually every state Governor wants to build a specialist hospital. When they travel overseas and see well developed hospitals they come back home and want to replicate it, unknown to them that a good specialist hospital is not the building, it is the human professionals and their ability to build a health network synergy of trained technical workers who coordinate with researchers, coupled consultants who are up to date with modern practices that is what makes an institution a specialist hospital."

"So long as we continue to develop and build what most contemporary scholars call artifacts like giants airports when the locals cannot afford plane tickets, giant buildings we call specialist hospitals, railways that may never be completed at the detriment of failing schools that cannot produce engineers or doctors or nurses to sustain these infrastructure, we are digging a bigger grave for our future, it is development gone wrong."

"The irony is that the African poor have become so used to poverty that it has become a culture and the people will Applaud politicians who build giant projects that has no bearing to their wellbeing. The African poor have developed a consciousness that government is the private property of the politicians and would proceed to thank politicians for doing what ordinarily they were elected to do."

"Africa will not be free from this  cycle of poverty and want  until we start investing directly in human capital development. Invest in the people’s creative abilities, bringing out the best in them, doing so, every other development indices will take shape."

"Stop building new this and new that, fix and maintain what we already have, invest in the people’s productive capacity, invest in quality education, improve on modern curriculum not modern new schools, invest in primary health centers, install electricity, water supply, medication and quality staff in rural clinics, these are more important to sustainable development than all these new projects to no where."

"Facilities, schools, hospitals do not work not because they are old, rather because they are not maintained.  Visit most schools, roofs and ceilings are falling, children sit on bare floor without desk, teachers cannot afford chalk, no text books yet we budget billions to build brand new specialized schools, this is foolishness, the post colonial African political elite has failed to grasp the true meaning of development. This is what I call the development of poverty. Africa will never develop until we start thinking from inside or produce a leadership that will look inward to solve our problems."

"Ordinarily I would have termed this piece “ African development gone wrong” but for civility sake, let me title it” the development of poverty."

"Development is no magic, it is common sense. To move our country foward, we need the right team to think and proffer home grown solutions to home grown problems. I see a brighter tomorrow for Nigeria, we have the resources, the manpower and material resources, we just need a leadership with the right thinking cap."

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