Nigeria government are deceitful and pretending to show care and love for the masses on the current pandemic facing the country.

They know what to do but because of their selfish interest and what they are earning on issue of covid-19, they decided to look away from actual precaution to follow.  

Why are they confusing the masses?

Mr President announced reopening of schools. Later, Hon. Minister of Education reversed the statement. Which one should we follow? Now all hope of resuming this year is fading out.
Is COVID-19 the first deadly virus in the world? We have been living with many deadly disease and virus before now such as: malaria, typhoid, lassa fever, Ebola, HIV and lot more. Mind you, school were not lockdown to because of any of those virus and diseases. But now, our dear schools are on lockdown till further notice. 

I call this action a deceitful one because their very own children are all abroad where COVID-19 is fully terminating the lives of people. Yet their school are opens. But the poor masses children are in Nigeria where covid-19 is minimal without future hope of resuming back to school this year.

If there governments over there ran away from there duty by failing to provide protective kit for their schools and citizens, can their children resume back?
Moreover, let's think about it thoroughly. If our government could allow free movement in most difficult areas of the country that require gathering of many people such as transportation, market square, political rally and poll, then why are they shutting down educational system that is very important.

Examination can be conducted by maintaining the precaution guidelines such as 2-m distancing, use of face mask and general fumigation of schools etc instead of wasting the precious time of my dear Nigerian student. 

Let's not forget this, COVID-19 is a virus that grow gradually, meaning that it cannot be eradicated immediately. It will definitely take some couple of time. So are we going to wait till maybe 2023 before resuming back to school?

The government should be considerate about the poor masses children who cannot afford the financial strength to study overseas. And average Nigerian who are private schools owners, many have die as a result of depression that came as a result of no payment of salary.

I don't see any reason they stop those students from writing their WAEC while market, transportation and political rally are going on. Some African countries have resumed and moving on with their daily lives.  And here we are not getting it.

The government should reconsider their decision and do the needful by providing protective kit for schools, if truly they care for us as they claimed.

May Almighty God be with us and give us leaders that will be sensible to the yearning of the masses.

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