The Olusin of Isanlu-Isin, Oba Solomon Olugbenga Oloyede. A prominent traditional ruler council and Chairman in Isin local Government in Kwara State, has suspended Ologba, one of his High Chiefs and kingmakers as a chief.

The High Chief, Olaniyi Alade was terminated for disobedience to lawful authotity, arrogance and anti growth measures in the community.
It was revealed that some family members of the Ologba ancestor in Isanlu Isin protest peacefully against the suspended Chief for erroneous representatives of the Chief in the Council of Chiefs.

The Olusin of Isanlu Isin disclosed that, the Ologba Chief has been cautioned many times but failed to bow to correction as he was claiming that Ologba is the owner of the town.
Some of the High Chiefs in the community who backed his suspension revealed that "the former Chief Ologba is a troublesome fellows who is too arrogance and a disappointment to the council of chiefs."

It was reported that former Chief Ologba failed to name any member of his Ologba family for any Chieftaincy title for the past 20 years as a Chief in his community, he was also reported to be depriving people of their lands.

The Atobatele, 2nd Ilufemiloye cautioned the former Ologba chief to stop announcing himself as the Ologba of Isanlu-Isin or risks of appended by the security personnel, he ruled further that the post of the Ologba of Isanlu-Isin shall be vacant till the suspended Chief Olaniyi Alade died.
The post of Ologba is the third in command to the Olusin of Isanlu-Isin, the Oba Solomon Olugbenga Oloyede stated that, as a first class monarch and the chairman of Isin Traditional Council, if he cannot exercise influence of a chief under him, then he is not suitable to be a Leader.

The suspended chief Ologba refused to discuss with the newsmen, nor express his own side of the incident when contacted.
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