A young man has revealed with a plea of anonymity of what happened to him after he performed the adult game with 30 women. Read his full message below;

I’m a 32 year old man who during my shs time dated a certain lady. We dated for 7 years without s3z because it was a mutual agreement between both of us before we begun the relationship.

I completed and a year later she did and had the chance to further to the tertiary. She wasn’t from a wealthy home and her Dad was the selfish type who didn’t care about his children.

I supported her not in-terms of fees though but what she will eat and her hand-outs. I even sometimes gave her money to cook for herself and her younger siblings. A year after she completed tertiary she sent me a message that we should break up for no apparent reason. This made me testify to the saying that, “Most ladies are ungrateful “.

As a matter of fact she broke my trust but not my heart which had had effect on relationships after her and other ladies had to suffer from her wrongdoing. After life with her, I have dated not less than 30 girls not including those I have had sez with just for fun. I am into Psychiatry and I’m actually very good when it comes to mind games. I sometimes maybe dating like 7 girls at the same time and none has ever caught me cheating before.

The issue here is somewhere last year October I met a girl on Facebook who sent me a friend request and I accepted. We started chatting and we both found out both of us are living in Kumasi not very far from each other. She lives in Tafo according to her while I live in Santase.

We planned on her visiting me and that was this past February. She actually came and we had fun. She spent 3 days with me and nothing happened between us. So on the third day dawn, I woke up to see she wasn’t lying by my side. I thought she was using the washroom and about 30 minutes she hadn’t returns. I decided to check on her and to no avail. I tried to find out if the doors were open and it was closed from inside, meaning she didn’t pass through the gate. So I opened the gate to check on the fenced gate as well and all the padlocks were intact as well with no sign of the electric fence been breached.

Instantly my “bp” had risen to about 180/100 or more. Hmmmmm what’s happening or I’m dreaming? I did ask everyone in the house and none of them could confirm her whereabouts. I was so scared that I couldn’t sleep in my room and had to be sleeping with a friend. Then the next day I will come and prepare for work.

About 4 days later I decided to do general cleaning in my room only to find a written letter which stated “I was sent to come and destroy you but I got to know you are a good person and have to spare your life so be careful “. I tried waking myself up if indeed I was dreaming but to no avail.

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