The General overseer of the Living Faith Church Bishop David Oyedepo had castigates the Company and Allied Matters Acts CAMA signed into Law By Buhari and followed with a warning that shouldn't be ignored.
On the 7th of August, 2020 the president Mohammadu Buhari signed the CAMA into law. It gives the CAC and some supervising bodies the rights which includes but not limited to supervising religious bodies, and in cases where there have been misconduct or fraudulent affairs, the CAC and the supervising bodies can suspend the trustees of the erring religious body

Also, the CAC can suspend and appoint a manager or an interim manager to head a religious body in cases where it has been deemed necessary for the interest of the public

But, Bishop David who has for long blamed the corruption in Africa as a result of poor leadership in government has said such law(CAMA) is irrational.

He warned the government that judgment will fall on anyone who tries to trouble the church of God, also saying that it is not right to treat the church like a company.

He said no man has the right to dictate a pattern for the church of God which strictly works on the pattern of God

Using a proverb, he warned the government that "when you molest the wife of a strong man, then you will surely see his anger"

He later ended his sermon with a prayer that God should bless Nigeria.

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