In every clime, government agenda and vision are usually  products of a clearcut understanding of all the elements that make up a particular system. They are not a given, but rather products of deep meditation and thoughts on how best to handle a particular situation if an opportunity presents itself.

Agenda and vision as we all know are the engines that drive good governance: lubricants for oiling the machineries of development in the society. Little wonder that every party's manifesto is a product of the founding members' agenda and vision on how best a particular society should look. Thus, a party's manifesto is nothing but a paper work of some people's agenda, and vision at a particular point in time. Agenda and vision, which sustains democracy and good governance. In fact, there can be no good governance without agenda and vision that are sustainable and selfless. 

The believe that every elected and appointed officeholder must have agenda, and vision for his or her decision to join a government is consistent with the much cherished right to freedom of opinion and thoughts, however, this does not in anyway negate the right of the citizens, and that of the person who holds superior mandate to that of the appointee to impose his agenda and visions on the person he has appointed to man specific affair or area of interest.

The position of this writer as espoused above is pointing to one single fact that there can be no two drivers in one vehicle at a time. Meaning that the agenda and vision of all appointees must be subsumed under that of the person who hold a superior mandate. A superior mandate that placed and entrusted the fate of a system on the table of the holder of such a mandate: a mandate that makes it incumbent on the holder to take responsibility for the action and inaction of every appointee. This same mandate gives the holder the licence and freedom to appoint some people he or she considers worthy to assist him or her realize certain predetermined agenda and vision.

Although, it is not lost on this writer that the Otoge mantra has propelled so many political warlords who have overpriced their political and vote values to want to assume a position that is neither bestowed on them by the people nor the government, which is akin to act of impunity and arrogance. Where this remain unchecked, there is every likelihood that such an appointee gets his or her agenda muddled up with that of the holder of the superior mandate. This muddling up of agenda and vision often left some appointees disappointed, especially when they discovered that their agenda and vision are poles apart from that of the holder of a superior mandate or when they discovered that what they are brandishing are laced with corruption and illegitimacy. In other words, when they find out that there is no room for any agenda or vision that falls outside that of the holders of a superior mandate.

Sometime, it is amusing to hear an appointee come out to pontificate on how his or her agenda and vision are not being accommodated by the holder of a superior mandate. When one  hears a statement like this, what often comes to mind is what kind of agenda and vision is he or she talking about. One also feels like: if you have agenda, please subsume them under that of your employer; discard them or find a space for them in that of your employer. Where this option sounds too belittling, the issue then becomes, if my vision and agenda are bigger, ambitious and coded apart from that of my employer, the best option is for me to find my bearing elsewhere.

There is no doubt that the Otoge mantra has indeed exposed some politicians' hidden agenda; agenda that are wrapped in fake altruism and selflessness. And having realized that  people have seen through their deceits, they, like chameleon have changed tactics and keep on pretending to be who and what they are not.

We Kwarans with conscience therefore need to tell all and sundry that no any agenda, and vision can be so good and perfect to displace that of the holder of a superior mandate, who has been rightly entrusted with that mandate by the people, which he is diligently pursuing without fear or favour. 

The truth is: Once the buck stops on one's table, one holds the ace. 

Isn't it better we learn to play the game by the rule? I think it is.

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