Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is not running government as usual. People who went into the administration with old mindsets are beggining to have rethink.

In this past week, the Kwara State Governor, Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq accepted resignation of two appointees of his government, former Special Adviser on Health, Prof Wale Sulaiman and former Commissioner for Special Duties, Aisha Patigi.

Both former appointee's tendered their resignation within the space of one week and some conspiracy theorist have laced some fallacies around this development, something that sources within government said is further from the truth.

Sources who are famaliar with the development explained that, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq need to be appreciated for giving both appointees the honourable option of resigning, rather than firing them outrightly.

According to them, it is obvious that some appointee's who have tested the ugly past, but find their way to this present government thinks that the system would be operated as usual, only to discover that today is not like yesterday.

Sources explained that, what led to the resignation of Prof Sulaiman is not unconnected to the series of infractions commited by him, which clearly indicates that his claim to professionalism may have been overrated. 

According to the source, while the governor engaged him with the believe that he's a professional with interest in selfless service as portrayed in the media, it was later discovered that his desperate quest for financial gains far outweighs his desire for service, a development that propelled him to give several self serving advises, which almost caused some avoidable damages.

Another source, who spoke on the issue explained that, Prof Sulaiman has been involved in several questionable dealings, some of which the governor detected and retracted, such as the health summit organized last year and the attempt to introduce an unreasonable health management structure through elimination of Commissioner for health position. But the last one that signaled the inevitable exit of Prof Sulaiman from the Kwara State government happened as a result of the covid 19 pandemic.

It was explained that, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq expected that everyone on the covid 19 committee would prioritize public health, which is of prime importance during a global crisis such as this pandemic, but unfortunately, it was discovered that Prof Sulaiman was busy pushing for self serving initiatives that would cost government huge fortune, while enriching his own pocket, and when the governor refused to patronize such wasteful initiative, the Prof's growing frustration became exacerbated. 

This is apart from series of sexual harrasement complaint by female support staff around him.

Aisha Patigi on the other hand has been kicking herself in the butt even before she was given a portfolio as a Commissioner.

One source who is famaliar with her drama from the beginning stated that, she was planting false rumor of being the governor's mistress around, a development that almost cause rift with the first lady.

The source also explained that, Aisha is not the governor's choice of a Commissioner from Patigi, but in Abdulrahman's usual democratic manner of letting each local government have their way in his appointment, he accepted her nomination, but instead of focusing on the job, she was planting false story of her being the apple of the Governor's eyes, which allows her to receive unnecessary favors, aswell as step on several toes.

To add to this, few days to the announcement of their portfolio, she informed some media outlets in the state that she would be appointed as Commissioner for finance, a development that created unnecessary hostility when she wasn't appointed to that position. 

All of these happened even before she was assigned a portfolio in December, 2019 the source said.

The source continued:
Shortly after being sworn in as Commissioner for Local Govt, she began to intrude several Ministries business, including the business of Office of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adding that almost every Commissioner in the state, especially the female ones have had one or two negative encounter with her.

Another source stated that, the former Commissioner has this unquenchable appetite to  intrude and hijack projects with financial prospect, using all sorts of tactics, including harrasement and intimidation against other Commissioners.

This is apart from her engagement with DPMs at the Local Govt across the state, which is not something that can be discussed until after the conclusion of the ongoing probe into allegations of missing N300million local govt funds.

Having discovered that Prof Sulaiman and Aisha Patigi are not aligning with the vision of the government to offer selfless service devoid of unnecessary desperation for financial gratification, running ahead of their shadows and commiting several infractions in the process, the governor had the option of sacking them both, which would have dented their image and ridicle them before the public, so he choose to offer them a dignify exit through from his govt through resignation.

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