Kwara State has witnessed unprecedented citizen's participation in good governance which to every discerning observers is as a result of a change in the political atmosphere in the state. This change has berthed unhindered access to information, and the enjoyment of the much cherished fundamental human right of expression. 

It is not an exaggeration to say that a new Kwara is born: a new Kwara where people are free to enjoy that god-given right to say it as it is, without fear of molestation. This, to me, is a new development that one will forever be grateful for.

However, in this new Kwara, some people have called for a holistic approach to governance and development. That is to say, all elements of development (human, natural, social, economic and political) should be reinvigorated, refocused and redirected. While to some, the continuity of how it had been: the old order fashion in which few individuals determined what aspect of development to pursue is too good to be discarded. You know what, the old order that is filled with man know man, entitlement mentality and turn by turn syndromes.

But, to Kwarans with conscience, a new Kwara where everybody behaves and acts responsibly, a new Kwara where individual takes responsibility for their actions and inactions is preferable. A new Kwara where people are brought to account for their misdeeds in ways that are devoid of sentiments and unreasonable parochialism.

Unreasonable Sentiments and parochialism, which are the hall mark of Kwara Agenda that claimed to stand on ensuring that the best interest of Kwarans is well represented by those in government when the group now turns around to accuse the government of using the setting up of a probe panel for witch-hunting, political vendetta, and vengeance. The same group also shamelessly accused a retired judge of pursuing an agenda to settle some scores that are well known to the protagonists of the group.

The steps so far taking by the group have shown that there are indeed big, dirty and smelling skeletons in the cupboards of its promoters. One may therefore need to ask Kwara Agenda when a probe panel has become a tool for impugning the integrity of those whose antecedents are not dirty. 

One may not be in a good position to rule out the possibility that the  principal and promoters of the group may have an axe to grind with the hon. Justice Orilonishe, which to me does not erase the facts of the matter at hand. Thus, it is laughable to hear that the group wants the probe panel disbanded within seven days, failure for which they threatened to mobilize *their people* against the government. The question is: why are their sponsors and protagonists jittery, and preemptive of the likely decisions of the probe panel.

By their call, It is clear that Kwara Agenda does not know what is at stake and does not know its onions. Is it not better to describe the protagonists of the group as rabble rousers who just want to make noise for people to remember their existence. For if they know what is happening in the state, and they are also in the know of the relationship between the people of this state and the government, they will not have the gut to threaten mass mobilization of the people against the government of the people.

At this juncture, it is important to advice the group, its sponsors and protagonists to calm down and let a new Kwara be.

Kwarans with conscience advise that all enemies of progress should calm down.

We advise Kwara Agenda and its sponsors to calm down and appreciate the peaceful journey to a new Kwara. If you have nothing to hide, fear nothing.

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