A group of activists in 54 Commonwealth countries has blamed a reported cases allegedly revealed ethnicity and religion in Nigeria.

The group, under the umbrella of Commonwealth Activists in United Kingdom, UK, declared the explanatory averment by the UK All-Party Parliamentary team could established new problems for a nation that is expressing with problems it did not established.

They revealed this while protesting at the United Kingdom Parliament, Westminster London, on Tuesday.

It was uncovered in a signed letter by Hameed Williams, its President, and sent to Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion or Belief, House of Commons, Rehman Chishti, 

The group said in the statement that, the activists disclose that APPG’s records is a intentional mendacity to disunity Nigeria with parochial statement.

The activists added that the report is nought objective at destroying the symbol of Nigeria in the present of the international community.

The group emphasized that many areas of human relationships were not featured in the report claimed by APPG.

The letter read in part: “There are many news stories that detailed how the military is combating terrorists and arresting those involved in attacks and communities but the APPG Report mischievously avoided reflecting this aspect of the situation in Nigeria.

“We also see a deliberate exploitation of Nigerian dead citizens from terrorism related incidents by mischaracterizing their demise as the product of a Christian massacre when the truth is that Nigerians – Christian, Muslims, animists, agnostics, atheists and persons of other creeds – are being killed under circumstances in which the United Kingdom is complicit. This should not be the case in a civilized world. We condemn every single instance of a human life being unjustly taken as we condemn the dislocation of families and communities for any reason.”

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