These days, a lot of young men and women are dying at tender ages because they don't want to die in poverty. These young people are oblivious to the fact that there is time for everything and the time for each individual is different. They are running extra miles and going beyond reasonable means. Times are hard, everyone knows that but cherish your life more than any other thing. With blood still running through your veins, you can explore legally and achieve everything you ever wished for. 

A lot of youths are into internet fraud and they don't even stop at that, they now include rituals that involve killing or maiming of innocent souls. All these in the quest of chasing wealth. A lot have lost it a very long time ago and their hearts are hardened. They don't mind going extra miles in order to remove themselves and their families from abject poverty. All these unthinkable acts have sent many to the graves.

Young women are not left out. They are ready to trade their bodies in exchange for money or a promise of good living. While involving in this, a lot of them have lost their lives and they don't even get the chance to spend the wealth they've acquired.

They have forgotten that they have parents and siblings who will never recover from the shock of their death in case they lost their lives in the desperate search for wealth. This post is not to dissuade youths from working hard in order to acquire wealth and leap out of poverty but its to admonish them to thread carefully. Don't die young and unfulfilled because you don't want to die poor.

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