Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has said that there will be no going back on the new Company and Allied Matters Act (CAMA).

 CAC said the new act has come to stay in the country despite the public outcry that has greeted it.
The Commission said it was only waiting for the legislature to gazette it for immediate implementation of the law.

The CAMA bill was recently signed into law by President Muhammadu Buhari, and was included in his list of achievements for the last one year.

The Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN), had recently described CAMA as satanic, demanding that the President halts the implementation of “the obnoxious and ungodly law until religious institutions are exempted from it.”

The CAC Registrar-General, Alhaji Garba Abubakar, while speaking to Commerce Correspondents Association of Nigeria (CICAN) in Abuja yesterday wondered why the act was being opposed by religious bodies, especially the churches.

“They must henceforth subject their finances and expenditures for proper auditing, and copies sent to us at the CAC,” he said.
He explained further, “The new legal framework applies to all organizations registered with us; be it a religious organisation, NGO or CSO.
“Remember that they also have constitutions guiding them. 

The criteria to be a trustee of registered organisations are clearly spelt out in the laws establishing them.

“How is it that a registered member who qualifies to be a trustee in an organisation would not want government to know how the organisation is run? What are the responsibilities of the trustees?
“What are the responsibilities of the governing council or the board?

 How do you manage the affairs of the organisation? How do you use or expend the income and properties of the organisation? How do you appoint members of the governing board? These are the issues the new CAMA has come to address.”

 *Still on CAMA.. Christian Youths where are thou?* 

The number of Christian Youths on the social media is large enough to cause an earthquake if they are well informed and massively mobilised against the clandestine agenda to steal the leadership of the Church through an obnoxious law...
 *Dearly beloved Christian Youths* , in case you don't know, there is a contest for the soul of God's heritage, the Church of Jesus Christ going on in Nigeria.

There is an ongoing battle to deny you the legitimate future leadership of the Church. 

As it were today, getting Christians  to occupy the least political office in some part of Nigeria is like getting a camel to pass through the eyes of the needle. Our collective patrimony in the leadership of the nation has been arrogantly monopolised.

Now your right to be leaders of your registered Campus Fellowships, Professional Christian Bodies such as Christian Lawyers Fellowship, Medical Doctors Fellowship etc is being infringed upon and about to be unsurped and you are surprisingly at ease in Zion.
Who has bewitched you to take to your sleeping bed when your house is on fire and your fathers are sweating? 

Why will you allow your fathers to take on the fight when it is your covenant duty as arrows in the hand of the mighty man to take on the enemy at the gate?

Have you not read that It is good to bear the yoke in your youth?
Come out of your slumber and fight alone like Jonathan and if all you have is your sling, get down to the brook and pick your five smooth stones and take on Goliath as David did.

It is your battle, a battle for the throne. Don't listen to the Sauls.. 

Fight the Amalekites in the battle field of social media etc. Let your fathers such as Dr. Ayokunle of CAN, Bishop Oyedepo, Paul Eneche be the Moses, Aron and Hur on the mountain. You are the Joshua to rally the army of the Lord to the battle field.

Let the noise start now.. It will bring down the wall of Jericho.. 
Go in this thy might.. COS Fawenu writes from Ilorin.
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