The Lagos State chapter of organized Labour has said all ministries would be lockdown starting from Monday.

He disclosed that airports, banks, and offices would not be permitted to operates.

Amaechi Asogwuni, who is the Deputy Vice President, Nigeria Labour Congress, revealed this on a news conference on Sunday.

According to the statement credited to him by NAN says, “No airport will be in operation in Nigeria; banks are not expected to function, so no business owners should risk himself, for Nigerian workers have taken that decision".

“We are the workers and we are withdrawing our services; we have the right to do so because protests are our constitutional right. And I believe we will enforce it; schools shall remain closed until this action ends.”

The leader of Nigeria Labour Congress urged all citizens of Nigeria to supports the protest.

He also said that it was part of their quota to democracy.

Base on the hike in pump price of petrol, Asogwuni said the federal government should have discussed with the organised labour and other stakeholders.

“The government did not do that at a time it ought to; it failed in its duty to engage labour before time. On the issue of electricity, the government had earlier had an interaction with labour in Kano and we discouraged it from proceeding.”

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