The former aviation Minister under the umbrella of People's Democratic Party, Femi Fani Kayode has reminded the Nigerians in his warning not to vote Muhammadu Buhari against former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.
In 2015 there was speculations that Buhari regime would be very tough and rough in Nigeria due to the past experiences of 80s while some Nigerians called Muhammadu Buhari as Messiah who came to right the wrong of 16 wasted years of people's Democratic Party.
However, Nigerians are facing challenges due to the crashed World economy, nothing is working, prices are drastically hiked, hope is wary and people are seriously complaining the regime Nigerians found themselves.
All the promises and manifestos of President Muhammadu Buhari led-government was aborted, security challenges keep on fearful, common man became beggar to feed his family.

Incrwase in Foreign loans, Electricity tariff, Pump price, Cost of Data, Cost of Rice, VATs, Tuition fees, Cost of living

Value of the Naira,Foreign reserve are decreasing daily.

Here what Femi Fani Kayode wrote on his official Twitter handle


Fuel =N87
ECA =$2.5bn 
Dollar =N200
Bag of rice =N8,500
External debt =$9.7bn


Fuel =N150
ECA =$72m
Dollar =N475
Bag of rice =N25,000
External debt =$27bn

In the 2015 presidential campaign I warned Nigerians that this would happen if Buhari was elected.

I shouted it on the rooftops morning day and night but the people refused to listen. Instead they insulted me & rejected GEJ. 

Let them continue with their insults and enjoy their plight. This is a sad testimony but worse of all is that there is far more to come. Sai Baba!"

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