The Rivers State chapter of Organised Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, on Sunday has released a warning regarding penalty on any private staff who ignore the industrial strike, scheduled on Monday.

NLC warn against the decision of the hiked in pump price of petrol and electricity tariffs.

The organized labour said it would ensnare a surveillance team to watch compliance in the state.

According to the statement released by Temple Morford, the Chairman, Organised Private Sector Union Forum, said the policies of Buhari led- Federal Government were adding more threats on  Nigeria workers, hence must be discarded.

The statement read in part: “I hereby call on all workers of the private sector to join the strike action, they should make sure that there is total shutdown; both land, air and sea, there should be no operations.

“The filling stations, transportation workers and all others should shut down under the private sector unions because Nigerians are being victimised and we cannot continue to be in our own country and be suffering while people from other countries that we give electricity supply enjoy 24 hours supply.”

Morford added that the workers would not operates until the government reduce the pump price of fuel.

He said further that it was disheartened to discovered that foreign countries Nigeria supply electricity for huge amount if money were enjoying 24 hours of electricity supply while Nigeria was still in dark.

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